Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's time to get spookyliciousss!!!

I am going to load lots of pictures this time.
Last Sunday we were invited by one of our good friends to the pumpkins carving party, the party was GREAT! I love the atmosphere, the food, the people, everything was awesome, and we really had a great time. It was so nice to see some of our old friends from Salmonberry Montessori School. And after seeing lot's of pumpkins and all the Halloween stuff I was so in the mood in making some Halloween bentos this week. Yeahh!! that's right! It’s time to get some spookyliciouss meal:

Let's get started! I pack a very thin layer of steamed rice for B, and I made the pumpkins from carrots, I use nori for the face and the bat.

For the side dish I put some beef teriyaki and one piece of teriyaki meatball in a tiger food picks. Next to it are some fresh cherry tomatoes, steamed asparagus and some fresh flower carrots.

This is the picture all together. I also pack him some fresh apples and gold fish for the snack time.

My next spookylicious bento is for D :

The menu is exactly the same with the one for B, only I packed it in a Zojirushi bento box. So instead of making the same pumpkins and a bat, I made him spider web using nori.

My next Halloween bento is just a sandwich, I pack 2 different sandwiches, chicken sandwich for D and PB&J for B.
B keep requesting me to pack him a PB&J sandwich, he probably sees some other kids at school having that. This is actually the first time I have a peanut butter after GOSH! like 7 years or so? we never have peanut butter since we knew D is allergic to peanut.
I was so worry that he would be bothered by the smell but thanks God he seems to be fine. I was very carefull using the utensil and make sure D is not expose to it. So anyway ... no biggy ... it’s just a sandwich, it would not be too long to prepare.

Let me start with the chicken sandwich one, I use a provolone cheese to make cute little ghosts and use some nori for the face. I wasn't quite happy with the result because the cheese on top of a whole grain white bread is not really visible enough. So next time I'll use whole wheat bread instead.
I use a tulip cookie cutter and turned it upside down, and it looks close enough to a ghost! (I think ;-)
The letter BOO is made out of some fresh carrots. Not bad huh?
Next to the sandwich is some steamed asparagus, sweet corn, fresh sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes.
Here's the picture including some fresh sliced apples and gold fish:

Now for the PB&J sandwich bento, I pack everything’s the same except for the sandwich and here's the picture :

Okay friends, enough for now, more halloween bento to come!


Fitri said...

yolooooo.. gue ketemu disini wekekekekek.... ternyata elo toh..Suka sama berbagai bento disini kreatif abesss...

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