Monday, June 13, 2011

(#171) Chicken risolles

I finally managed to make the last bento of the year for tomorrow. And this is it!! there wont be any bentos until school start again on September. But as I mentioned yesterday that we'll do some picnics here and there during summer vacation, so will see what I'll come up with to keep this blog updated :D
Inside the box are some chicken risolles (Indonesian spring rolls), I made the fillings and the wrappers from scratch... took me all day to make it :D but it was all worthed. You can check out the recipe HERE.
The rest are fresh kiwi, cucumbers, tomatoes and dried apricots and raisins.
I also packed some plain yoghurt mixed with some honey in a cute little pudding glass that I just got the other day ^_^  love it!!

Have a great summer vacation everyone!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

(#170) Mixed rice rolls

I did not make any bento at all last week :( and this wednesday will be the last day of school, and there will be ice cream party at the park. So if I do not make any bento for Tuesday, then these bentos will be the last bento of the year.
But I am sure we'll do some picnics here and there during summer vacation, so I'd definitely have something to post :P

Last weekend as I mentioned on my previous post that we went to Port Angeles for hubby's first half marathon, he's doing awesome!!! and D is also participated on kids marathon. I am so proud of them. Here's the picture of D finishing the race ^__^

Port Angeles is a great town, we must come back there again for a camping trip or just a visit.

Okay now to the bento business. When I am placing some mixed rice rolls inside the boy's bento boxes,  hubby came to me and said he wants me to pack him a bento too. Well I pack him lunch (not bento) once in a while but this time I am packing sushi and I am like ....really?? ... seriously??? ....
When it comes to food he's the most pickiest person ever, and sushi just isn't his thing! so for him to ask for a sushi bento is really shocking. And by the way, I do not make the sushi, I bought it from Korean store down town Lynnwood :D
So anyway, here are the bento I pack for hubby :

I am using this lunchbots duo box for him, and as you can see in one side I put some rolls and in the next side are some regular simple salad (lettuce, cucumbers, mixed baby tomatoes and hard boiled egg). Salad dressing is packed separately, not pictured.
And for the boys, other than mixed rice rolls I packed some hardboiled egg (halved), cucumber, tomato, strawberry and kiwi. Belows are the pictures :

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(#169) Yellow rice and egg

Tomorrow's bento will be the last bento of the week, we'll be heading to Port Angeles on Friday morning for hubby's first half marathon on Sunday. According to the forecast weather should be really nice! hoping I can make some good pictures there.

Anyway, I made some yellow rice again upon the boy's request. And I had so much FUN making these chicken family, Mama chicken with her 3 little chicks, just like me a mother of three :D
The chicken family are resting in their omelet noodle's nest. I am out of leaf lettuce so I use the artificial grass. The rest are same veggies and fruits as yesterday, cucumbers, carrots, Mandarin orange, strawberry and dried apricot.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!
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