Thursday, September 30, 2010

(#117) Korean chicken BBQ part 2

Thanks God B is finally get better and ready to go back to school, so I made 2 bentos.
I marinaded a whole batch of chicken with Korean BBQ sauce the other day, I know my boys will love it so much, they can have it for lunch and dinner 2 days in a row ..LOL ...

Inside the box : Korean chicken BBQ, jasmine rice, steamed broccoli, sugar snaps, baby roma tomato, strawberries and flowered carrots.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(#116) Korean chicken BBQ

Yesterday when I picked up D from school he was coughing and started making me worry coz B is sick and  been staying at home for the last couple of days. I thought I might have to keep him at home too. But last night he's all fine! he had a good night sleep and I did not hear him coughing not one bit at all. So I sent him to school this morning, besides he begged me he didn't want to stay at home, he always loves to go to school and that's a bonus for me.

I cook Korean chicken BBQ a lot, coz this is one of my family's favorite meal. So you'll see it quite often on my kids bento ^_^
Inside the box : Korean chicken BBQ, pan roasted potato, cucumbers, mixed baby tomatoes, sugar snaps and flowered carrots.

Forgot to mention that that bear silicon cup is so flexible, I can fold the head and hands down underneath its tummy, so I can close the box with no problem at all. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(#115) Turkey sandwich

Super simple no cook bento for D only! B is down with cold so I have to keep him home :'(

I prepared this bento in the morning, which is very rare!!! I honestly do not like being rush but today I still manage to take couple pictures.
It's only turkey sandwich with American cheese, carrot sticks, sugar snaps and strawberries.

Monday, September 27, 2010

(#114) Spanish rice

We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner on Sunday, and I brought some leftovers Spanish rice home, thinking maybe I can fix something to go with it. And I did not know what to put on the bento until late. So I finally decided to cook the egg for D and white only for B (he doesn't like the yolk). Here are the pictures :

The rest are steamed broccoli, sugar snaps (for D only), strawberries, grapes and flowered carrots.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

(#113) Meatloaf

B is staying at home today coz he has a Dr. appointment, so I only made one bento.
I actually was debating myself weather I should post this or not. The bunny and bear looks so lame!! (I think) but D likes it so much, so I decided to post this here anyway. I think my mind is just not 100% into bento-ing lately :'(

Inside the box : bunny and bear shaped meatloaf, mini pop overs, steamed broccoli, mixed baby tomatoes, carrot sticks and pears, and oh some gravy packed in a separated mini bear container.

No note's today ^_^ I wanted to keep this thing special so once in a while maybe enough and besides I was too busy preparing things for B's Dr. appointment, plus baby G wanted me to hold him all the time, he had stuffy nose too and probably did had a good night sleep. Hope he will get better over the weekend.
Have a wonderful weekend y'all ^_^

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(#112) Angel hair pasta with veggies

Today's bento for B is angel hair pasta with veggies in a creamy herb sauce, packed in a separated lil' container, and mini pretzels for snack. In another separated container is white egg cubes, cauliflower, mixed baby tomatoes, pears topped with flowered carrots.
And same thing for D except for the snack, he wants some white cheddar crackers.

Today's note for D : "Thanks for helping mommy with baby G, you are such a BIG brother and I am so proud of you" --Love, Mommy--

For B : "Don't forget to wash your hands before you eat, I love you all the way to the moon" --Love, Mommy" (I love you all the way to the moon is actually his line, he always says something like that before he goes to bed when we tucked them in and its time to say good night, sometimes he change "the moon" part with heaven, or even till the dark side of the moon, etc .... the boys are always have something sweet and funny to say)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

(#111) Fried noodle

Yesterday I went down town Bellingham with hubby and had a big lunch then continued with a scoop of ice cream at Mallard, felt so full afterwards so we decided to skip dinner.
So I fixed the boys some simple fried noodle for dinner, and they love it. And as aways I packed some leftovers for today's bento :

The contents are : fried noodle with beef and carrots topped with flowered carrots and green peas.
On the next tier : cauliflower, fresh strawberries, pears and mixed baby tomatoes.

Today's notes for D : "You are the most wonderful boy I know!" --Love, Mommy --
And for B : "You are amazing!!!" --Love, Mommy --

Monday, September 20, 2010

(#110) Indonesian chicken kabobs - sate ayam

We had a very nice Sunday  ^_^, nothing is quite like BBQ-ing with your beloved family. We had some Indonesian chicken kabobs or we call it sate ayam.

So I packed the boys some leftovers.

The rest are baked potato, topped with american cheese and carrot, mixed tomatoes, and cauliflower (I boiled it with some chicken broth)
On the next tier I packed some fresh apples and pears and strawberries.
I also packed them some homemade apple juice, we got lots of apples this year ^_^

I also secretly put a notes on their lunch boxes, haven't done this for a long time ;), I used to put some short note like "I love you" or "I miss you" or "Have FUN at school" etc.
But today I put a longer notes for D "Love others the way you love yourself, and everyone will love you," --Love, Mommy-- 
And for B "I can't wait to see your smiley face again!" --Love, Mommy--
I hope that will put a smile on their face as I am now smiling in delight thinking of them ^_^

Friday, September 17, 2010

(#109) Chicken with herb ravioli

If you are following my blog you really can tell that I haven't do grocery yet :D
It's been raining and windy and cold lately, just make me want to bundle up, stay at home and do nothing at all .... LOL

But we had a great dinner last night, I made beef stew with pop overs. Thinking I'm going to pack some for the boys the next day on thermal lunch box, guess what??? hubby finished almost all the stew *o* ... there's only some carrots left. So I cook some chicken ravioli for today's bento and still included the carrots.

So the contents are : Chicken with herb ravioli , carrots stew, cherry tomato, fresh kiwi and pears.

I use the 2 tiers lunch box and the size is pretty big, so I use the first tier for popcorn (not pictured) and here are the pictures of the 2nd tiers :

Thursday, September 16, 2010

(#108) Martabak telor (ground beef mixed with egg batter wrapped in spring rolls skin)

When I look into some other bloggers and websites, to be honest I am so tempted sometimes and envy their talents on making such characters, especially if they make it without any tools/bento kits. I am so amazed that people can be so creative with food.
BUT, there are some rules and restriction at my kids school that I must follow, I know this is good for the students and don't get me wrong I AM ALL FOR IT!!.
The rules are : NO character is allowed!! not on jackets, shoes, boots, clothes etc including on the lunch box too. Plus NO sugars!! (candy bars, sweet dessert or sweet treats), it's a BIG NO NO!! And I can see why.

So I never really make character's bento, and when I do it's only some general characters and avoid Disney's and another TV show's characters. I also very careful in getting my bento accessories collections, even tough it's very tempting sometimes because they are sooo many and are very cute!!!
But I found this very challenging, I know I really need to learn and be more creative, so any input or idea are well come ^_^

Today's bento I tried to steal Sherimaya's idea, making lion with the corn but mine is not as cute as hers .... LOL .... I guessed my corn is a little too big ^_^ ...

Today's bento contents are : martabak telor, (Indonesian savory dishes), it's ground beef mixed with egg batter and green onions wrapped in spring rolls wrappers. The original version of martabak telor has to be wrapped in a special dough, but I use spring rolls because it's more simple, easier yet taste better (according to my boys) ^_^. The rest are sweet corn, carrots and scallop potatoes.
On the second tier is fresh kiwis and pears with mini ice packs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(#107) Fried rice with koban age

Another simple bentos for the boys, I gotta do grocery very soon! Couldn't find anything for bento but only some carrots and tomatoes ... LOL ... I hope the boys aren't getting tired with same O same O veggies almost everyday. I myself getting really tired preparing the same thing ..LOL

So I made this simple fried rice with koban age (fried fish cake), thanks GOD I still have some left in the freezer, all beef hot dog (I couldn't even found green pea to put in the middle of it just to give some colors :( ), cherry tomatoes, flowered carrots and some pears.

Here is the picture of the other one :

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(#106) Beef terriyaki

I made 2 identical yet simple bentos for D&B, they both love beef terriyaki.
The rest are steamed jasmine rice, steamed broccoli, flowered raw carrots, and cherry tomatoes.

This one is for B, green is his favorite color ^_^

Monday, September 13, 2010

(#105) Fruits and veggies

I only packed D some fruits and veggies today : fresh kiwi, steamed broccoli, cherry tomato, and flowered carrots.
He and his classmates made some blackberry jams last week at school, and his teacher said everybody just need to bring their own bread on Monday. So I packed him whole grains plain bread (not pictured).

Friday, September 10, 2010

(#104) mini bow tie pasta with meatballs

Simple leftover lunches today!!

Mini bow tie pasta with meatballs, steamed broccoli, flowered carrots, cherry tomato, and some fresh black berries.
Yesterday when I picked up the boys from school I found D was busy picking up berries with his friends, and he told me he wanted to pack some for snack today. Good choice D!! 
I also packed same bento for B ^_^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

(#103) PB&J bunny sandwich

Simple PB&J sandwich for today's bento :

We actually had chicken pot pie for dinner, and I packed that for D but I do not take any pictures. And B was insisted that he wanted PB&J sandwich for lunch, so I made those bunny sandwich, I had him help me to do the bunnies and he loved it!! it was FUN preparing bento with my lil ones ^_^

So as you can see on the picture, other than PB&J the rest are same O same O as yesterday's one. Its cherry  tomato, steamed broccoli, and flowered carrots. On a separate container I packed him mini cheeze it, and fresh cube mangoes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

(#102) Roasted Chicken

We had roasted chicken for dinner last night, and I always pack leftover dinner for the next day bento. I tried to copy Lia Chen's idea  to make lil puppy using food picks for its ears, but mine is (off course) far from perfect ... and somehow it looks like a sheep instead ..LOL ... but that's okay! as long as I had fun making it ^_^

I use stuffing to make the brown puppy for D and since B doesn't like the stuffing at all so I use rice for his, and I only make one puppy for each because they both wanted and I only have 4 pcs of single leaf food pics, as you can see one puppy even have different ear colors. ^_^
The rest are roasted chicken, steamed broccoli, cherry tomato. One the second tier is cube mangoes with mini ice packs. I also packed them pop corn for snack (not pictured)
Here are the pictures :

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(#101) Tuna sandwich

Back to school today!!! YAAAYYY !!! I am so excited to make my first bento of the year!! and I am using numbers for the title from now on. I think I have made more than 100 bentos at the past couple of years since I started. ^_~ Before I am blogging I posted my bento pictures in my Multiply account, so my Multiply contacts must know this. But to make it fair, I am gonna make the beginning number 1 is a code for bento posts. And will think of another code for the recipe posts if I ever gonna post one.

Anyway, today's bento contain tuna sandwich, cherry tomato, steamed broccoli, sliced of cucumber, carrot sticks and fresh mango. I use american cheese and nori for the 3 bears.

As for B since he doesn't like tuna I made him PB&J instead, the rest are the same.

I took a picture of the tuna bento one last night and as always I am not too happy with the light, so I then took another shot of the PB&B one this morning using my digicam (coz I am in such a hurry), but I am still not sure about the result. Anyway, I think this should explains why these 2 pictures are quite different.
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