Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(#201) Mac and cheese heart bento

I had no idea what to pack for the boys bento for tomorrow :( not only that I am so blank with ideas but I also found my fridge is almost empty :(
I was thinking on making some fried rice and lil chick from quail eggs, but big son wanted some mac and cheese for dinner, so here we go! leftovers mac and cheese for tomorrow's bento.
Nothing's fancy but since tomorrow is 1st day of February so I filled these bentos with lots of hearts <3<3<3

I carved the biggest heart and tried to make it looks like an arrow shooting underneath it by laying a food pick, too bad the color isn't too bold so it didn't came out the way I pictured it :( 
The rests are some steamed pea pods, quail eggs with heart picks, carrots and orange slices.

Monday, January 30, 2012

(#200) Drumsticks bento

We had fried fish for dinner and I separated 4 pieces of drumsticks to be packed for tomorrow's bento. These aren't drumsticks from the leg but it's part of the wings that's why is much smaller and fit and snug in the box perfectly.

Other than chicken drumsticks there are some mashed potatoes topped with a lil dash of garlic and parsley salt and flowered carrots. There are also some carved carrots pea pods and orange slices packed nicely in uno and duo LunchBots boxes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

(#199) Chicks bento

Up for tomorrow's I prepared chicks bento inspired by yum-yum bento book and many others bentoist. I however did such a lousy job making tamago and I am a bit disappointed with the result.

Underneath the chicks is some steamed jasmine rice with some black sesame for accents, I use some endive for baran and behind it are some cucumbers, Indonesian BBQ chicken (ayam bakar), carrot and strawberry. I also pack some more fruit and snack separately (not pictured)

Monday, January 23, 2012

(#198) Frogs Bento .. ribbit ribbit!!

Hello my bento pals, I hope you are all enjoy the beginning of 2012. I've been taking a break on making bento for way too long, since winter break to be exact!
When the school was resumed at the beginning of this month I was probably still in a vacation mood and too lazy to make bento. And last week the boys were off of school due to the weather, we got TONS of snow for the whole week. Thanks GOD we had power and I stocked on lots of food, so we were fine and the boys had so much FUN and enjoyed the snow almost everyday.

First day of snow
Anyway, I prepared for tomorrow's bento a rice frog plain onigiris, I mixed some edamame and lil dash of salt into the rice, I use nori and cheese for facial details.
The rests are some honey dijon mustard marinated chicken, steamed broccoli, sweet mini red pepper and carrots.

Here's another one :

Okay pals, I hope I can come up with something tomorrow ...
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