Friday, May 28, 2010

Nuggets and fries

This probably it, if I do not make any bento next week then maybe this bento could be my last one until September. I still have one more day on Tuesday (their last day of school), and right the next day we'll be on the way to Bandung - Indonesia. Yaayyy ... I am so excited!!!

And for that reason, I have not do any grocery to avoid wasting, so I pack the boys whatever left on the fridge, freezer and pantry.
This one is for B, first tier are : celery stick with cream cheese in a separated container, steamed broccoli, grape tomatoes, flowered carrots, and pears. 

This one is for D, he doesn't really like celery and cream cheese, and he also doesn't want to have sandwich, so I pack him some hot dog instead, the rest are the same. 

I am hoping to post at least one more bento, but just in case I could not make it then I wish everyone to have a great summer vacation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot dog & fries plus tofu soup bento

I tried my best to make bento as much as I can, since we are leaving for Indonesia next week for summer vacation. They boys will be leaving school 2 weeks early, so I do not have much chance to do bento, meaning I'll for sure neglect my blog "again" until school started September. But the good part is we will have a great time in Indonesia, just can't wait to take my kids to many places they've never been to.

Anyway, this is a simple bento as always. I used zojirushi thermal box so the soup will still be hot on lunch time. The box contents are, French fries, octopus hotdog, steamed broccoli, grape tomatoes and Anjou pears. As for the soup there are some chicken, carrots, shitake mushroom, celery and fried tofu. My boys love it so much!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flank steak

We had a flank steak for dinner tonight and D&B are requested me to pack some for lunch, so here they are :

Onion ring, tater tots, flank steak (thin sliced), grape tomatoes, pear and steamed broccoli.
This one is for B, he does not like the OR, so I replace it with fresh flowered carrots.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chicken dumplings

This bento is actually for tomorrow, Baby G let me in the kitchen and he seems to be happy playing with his brothers. ^_^. I packed them home-made chicken dumplings, fresh carrots and cucumber, pineapples and soy sauce packed in a separated lil container.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Almond butter with honey sandwich

Another simple bento from last Monday, I packed them lite lunch since Monday is a bake potato day for D. They bake potato together and they put their own favorite toppings. So for him it's only fruit and vegetables. And for B, I added almond butter and honey sandwich.


It's only almond butter with honey sandwich, granny and fuji apples, fresh mango and steamed broccoli. Enjoy your weekend y'all ^_^

Monday, May 10, 2010

Salami bento

Gosh, it's May already :o)... can't believe summer vacation is about to come very soon, and I have been ignoring my blog  :( I think its a combination between lazy, baby, and too many other distractions. But I always miss making bentos and blogging.

Anyway, I have one simple bento that haven't been posted yet.

It's just all beef salami sandwich on whole wheat bread , fresh cucumber, baby carrots and baby tomatoes. Leftover mac and cheese topped with fresh flowered carrots. Lastly is steamed cauliflower.
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