Saturday, December 19, 2009


I finally managed to make snowman bento this week, after dealing with this and that plus my laziness :D
Let’s see what happened this week : I have kept the boys at home for 2 days due to the snow and icy weather condition. And for the next couple of days I just wasn’t into that bento making mood. I honestly didn’t even plan to make any bento until next year :D
But I am so glad I did it because this is gonna be my last bento for this year, since the boys will be on winter break up till January 3rd. So here they are my simple snowman bentos :

For D I made a snowman from rice, I used black sesame seeds for the mouth, as for the hat, buttons, and face I used fresh cucumber and carrots. The rest are chicken curry with carrots and eggs, and some fresh lettuce.

And for B, since he doesn't really like curry I packed him peanut butter and honey sandwich, I used whole grain white bread but on the picture the snowman did not come out as white as I thought would be. I dressed the snowman with only carrots and cucumber. The rest are some fresh flowered carrots and cucumber and hardboiled egg. I also packed them in a separated container some fresh fruits and pretzel for a snack time (not pictured).

I would have a long break from making bento till next year, so seasons greetings everyone and have a very happy holidays ^.^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eggs sandwich

I know I know .... The healthiest part of the bread is the crust, and I never cut the crust when the boys have sandwiches at home, But for the love of bento :D I really couldn’t help myself when I saw this bread pocket sandwich maker, I have to get it. And so I got it couple weeks ago together with some other bento gadgets. But I only had a chance to use it last night.

I made some simple egg salads for the sandwich filling and the rest are steamed broccoli, all beef salami and flowered carrots.
Have a good Wednesday everyone ^.^

Crab cake

Too busy to post yesterday's bento, baby still fussy and I have to do some serious cleaning because my in laws will be in town this Friday.

Okay, yesterday bento is very simple like always : crab cake, steamed broccoli, grape tomatoes, cucumber, flowered carrots and fresh kiwis.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Potato and onion pierogies

This is one of the “me being lazy” bento, especially after the weekend I never really wants to cook :P
It takes no time at all to prepare, but being me I still prepared it at night :D and I was right, this morning the temperature was like 19F outside and the boys have left the mittens and jackets in the car overnight, so I have to throw them in the dryer for at least 15 minutes.

Back to the bento, I just boiled the potato and onion pierogies in the microwave then sauted them with EVOO for about 1 minute on each sides. As for the meatballs I just microwaved it until tender. There are also some leftover sauted crimini mushroom packed in a seperated container. The rest are sliced cucumber, fresh strawberries, grape tomatoes and crispy bake Mediterranean herbs snacks. In the morning I decided to pack them some dry roasted edamame for extra snacks (not pictured).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chicken nuggets

I like to prepare bento at night, that way I have all the time I need to think and decided what’s to pack for the boys lunches. Even so, there are so many nights where I just decided to throw whatever I have in the fridge and not even bother to decorate it :D. Another reason is I do not like doing things in such a hurry, I like to be well prepared and have the bento ready than dealing with the morning chaos. Since not only that I have to get the 2 boys ready but I also still nursing 6 months old baby at the same time. So no matter how early I get up there’ll always something I have to deal with in the morning.

And last night bebe won’t let me be in the kitchen at all, he just kept crying and crying and it starts to bugs me, I don’t like the idea of letting the baby crying until he/she’s falling asleep. So I rushed to finish up the bento and am not quite happy with the result. I think he’s teething that’s why, and that poor bebe will have to get poked this afternoon. OUCH! I know! I don’t like to see his face getting so red crying and screaming. But I have to do this is for his benefit.

Okay I packed the boys some American onigiri and chicken nuggets, I call it American onigiri because I cooked the rice with chicken stock instead of seasoning it with salt, sugar and vinegar. And I filled it with some homemade roasted chicken that we have for dinner the other night. Originally I was gonna make some rice balls, but the size is a little too big because I want to pack them more than one piece. So I used these square onigiri maker that I just got from eBay. Speaking of which I have to mention this ebay store  JstuffSale_dotcom, this is one of my favorite ebay stores, the service is great and many times she give me little extra bento stuff, so I’d recommend any bento-er to visit her store.

Alright back to the bento shall we, there is a star and a heart stamped on top of the rice, I filled the heart one with capelin roe and I meant to fill the star one with a star cucumber to add some color, but as I stated earlier bebe just kept on crying so I decided to cover the empty stamp with flowered carrot. Bad choice! knowing the capelin roe is orange so it's double orange :P Oh well, there are always next time when it comes to bento, right? ^.^

Next to the rice are some omelet, fresh celery stalks and flowered carrots and radish, and some parsley for garnish. On the next tier I had some fresh apples, strawberries and cucumber.

Have a great weekend ^.^

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Burgers bento

Coming up with a title is probably more difficult than arranging the bento itself, especially the simple one like todays. Knowing the menu is been already posted several times in the past and I do not want to make the same title. I really have to come up with numbers next time, that would make me easier for sure.
Anyway, the boys were requesting some burgers for dinner last night, too bad I already made them ravioli, so I decided to pack them burger for their lunches today.

I topped the burger with some american cheese, shaped it with regular elephant cookie cutter that I got from michaels. The rest are some fresh cucumber, carrots, grape tomatoes, strawberries, sweet corn and ketchup packed in a little monkey container. Oops! almost forgot to mention I used whole wheat hotdog bun, and as always I only use 1/3 of it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday's bento

Guess what? turned out I am not the only one who came on Monday morning :D there at least 2 other moms came too. And when we found out we just could not help to laugh at our absent minds LOL.
Anyway, this morning I packed the boys some simple sandwiches *again* ^o^, ..... I know after a while it always returning back to the same O same O menu. In fact I am having a hard time giving the title for this post. I guess in the future I’ll start to use numbers instead.

It’s been a while I am not packing D his favorite tuna sandwich, to tell the truth I am a little scared about the mercury thingy issues even though most of the time I choose to pick some wild canned tuna at the organic section. But I guess being a mother you just could not help to worry about anything when it comes to your children.

Alright, as you can see from the pictures I used whole wheat bread for the sandwiches, so the raffle is not really shown as if I use white bread. I also tried to make some flower bowls from hardboiled eggs, but my fruit baller is no where to be found, so I ended up using a measurement spoon that has a round shaped closed enough to the baller. I know the result is not as perfect as the one that Lia Chen’s made. But I’ll keep on practicing ^.~

I put tuna filling on the egg bowl for D, there are also some smocked roasted chicken breast that I meant to make it looks like a flower like but the slices were too thin so it didn't came out as I thougt it would. The rests are some fresh celery stalks, carrot sticks, baby Roma tomato and some light ranch packed in the separate mini sauce containers.
As for B, since he's not as crazy as D on tuna so I prepared aome peanut butter sandwich instead. I also put some sweet corns in the egg bowl, and teriyaki meatball. The rests are just the same with the one I made for D.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to schooll

Yesterday morning I got up early and for some reasons my mind kept telling me that the school is started on Monday December 1st. So I had the boys ready and drove them to school but when we arrived at school there’s nobody there! So I went back home then checked the calendar and realized that yesterday was November 30 (Thanksgiving break is November 25-30). I felt like a dummy and had a “wanna get away” moment for a while and just laugh at myself  :D The boys were dissapointed though because monday is the library day, meaning they will miss going to the library this week.

Anyway, for today’s bento I packed the boys some Indonesian beef croquettes that I made with them
yesterday (to cheer them up). The rests are fresh cucumber, sweet baby Roma tomato, flowered carrots, half of star shaped hardboiled egg with some carrots face. I also included some fresh Fuji apples, pineapples and pretzel.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and another award

What better way to start the day than having a sparkling clean kitchen on thanksgiving morning? YUP ^.^ hubby and the boys cleaned it for me early in the morning when I am still busy with baby Gavin. I am so thankfull for so many things in my life. And on top of that I also received this happy mama blogger award  from LIA CHEN. It's just really made my day. So with this happy thought I would like to wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving.

I feel so honored to received such award from her. I am the biggest fan of her blog. She makes such an incredible bentos for her 2 kids and she also make a very stunning photographs. You can see her creation at Thank you so much Lia, you are one amazing hapy MAMA ^__^

And now let me pas this award on to another happy mamas, and they are :

Monday, November 23, 2009

Quail eggs

I miss my hometown BANDUNG so much where we can get the freshest quail eggs anytime at all for nothing. Here in Bellingham I will be lucky enough if I can get some "fresh" quail eggs at the Asian market. And it’s not available all the time so whenever I saw some I have to get it. And even so I still get little upset because I pay almost US$2.00 for ten pieces and "at least" 4 of them are rotten, not to mention I always have trouble peeling the skins off so I messed up at least 2 or 3 of them *bad me*. But I am still thankfull because at many other places you'll have no choise but to get the canned one.

Anyway, for today’s bento I packed D some left over fried rice with kamabako, elephant and rabbit quail eggs, teriyaki meatballs w/ zucini, steamed broccoli, cucumber and flower carrots. Same thing for B too but since he didn't really like fried fish cake so I pack him plain white rice. I prepared the apple at night so it turned a little brown in the morning, I ended up replacing it to a new one but too late to take another picture.

I also packed some fruit separately. I cut the persimmons into half to show the beautiful center part, I arranged on top of lettuce bed for color. If only I have some fresh berries I think it would be perfect, but for now peeled oranges would do.

My first AWARD!

This is my first AWARD since I start blogging and I feel so honored to get this kreativ blogger award from Angie. You can visit her blog at Here’s the rule: I have to state 7 things about myself and pass it on the award to another 7 creative bloggers. This is a FUN way to get to know each other more. So here are my seven things about me :

I love cooking but hate cleaning, even though most of the time I did it anyway :D
I always think about others than myself.
I don’t like to use CC, if I want to get something I would rather wait till I have the money than owe the bank.
I hate being rushed and or late. I consider myself a very on time person.
Hubby says that my weakness is that I am too nice ^.^ and many time people will take advantage.
I love coffee, even though I have problem with caffeine but I love the flavor, so I always get the decaf one.
Last time I went to the cinema is when that ancient movie Alvin and the chipmunks was out :D *poor me*

Okay, now for the hard part, to pass this award to another 7 creative bloggers. I really do have a hard time making decision. As ya'll know I am so new with this blog and I am not even sure if I know 7 bloggers. But I take this as a challenge to get to know more people, so BIG thanks again to you Angie ^.^ here are another 7 creative bloggers I’ve choose:

Okay gotta go now, I have to do lunch recess duty at D&B's school, will post today's bento once I got back. Have a great Monday everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini sandwiches

This is the boys’ bento from the other day that I forgot to post. It’s just mini chicken sandwiches that I made using the mini sandwich maker I purchased from It comes with 6 attachments in 4 different shapes.

As for the rest are only some fresh red and yellow bell peppers, grape tomatoes, and flower carrots topped with fresh parsley. Oops!! almost forgot the cheese string next to the sandwich :p. On the next bowl are some fresh kiwis and apples, and I also put in a home-made dried plum. Lastly are some mini pretzels for a snack.


I do not pack the boys any bento for the last couple days due to early release for teacher conferences, so instead I am just gonna share this :D
YUP! Spaghetti anytime at all since I tried this new trick I am about to share.
I froze the spaghetti sauce in the ice tray (you can either use new sauce or just leftover). Here’s how: After the sauce is completely cooled down, I filled each hole in the ice tray, and then shook it to release the air. Then I covered it with plastic wrap, and froze it overnight. The next morning I released the spaghetti cubes from the tray, broke it into each piece then stored it in the Ziploc bag, date it then froze it back. It would be good for weeks. Next time my kids asking for some spaghetti I can just simply take whatever I need then put it in the microwave for 1 minute on high (it depends on how big is the microwave). Then it’s ready!

It will also be good for chicken parmesan or any other dishes that use a little amount of spaghetti sauce. Like for example tonight, I made hubby meatballs subs using home-made frozen meatballs and a couple cubes of spaghetti sauce topped with some mozarella and parmesan cheese, so effortless for a quick yummy dinner.
If you do not have ice tray, you can just use any kind of mold you have that similar to the ice tray like some silicone jell-o mold or something. And if you have trouble releasing out the cubes, just run it in some hot water right on the backside of the tray for couple seconds.

Okay, now I’d like to share my special secret ingredient besides LOVE for my yummy spaghetti sauce. I know this trick from a good friend of mine, she always makes her own sauce using fresh tomatoes from her own garden. She suggested adding 1 to 2 tablespoon of honey into the sauce. At first I was kind a reluctant to try but I then I tried it anyway and OMG it really works!!!. The sauce is so yummy and it has some sweetness taste but not a sugary sweet.

I also like to sprinkle the sauce with some fresh herb like parsley and basil right before serving. It doesn’t matter what brand of spaghetti sauce you use but the result will be satisfying. My husband said that I have to canned my spaghetti sauce, and he is such a picky eater, so if he said its good then IT MUST BE GOOD ^__^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple sandwiches

I have to volunteer for lunch recess at D&B's schools today, and hubby is down with bad cold ...*sigh* ... so this is gonna be just a quick short post :D

I only packed D&B simple sandwiches plus some grapes, cucumbers and carrots. I got some ideas from the 501 bento box lunches book. They've been wanting me to make them this monster ever since I got the book, hope they'll like it.

Okay got to go now! Have a great Tuesday everyone! ^__^

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tri-colore macaroni

I actually did not plan to pack spaghetti for lunch because I still have some leftover yellow rice from the party, but the boys seems to have enough of it and they wanted some spaghetti. And here's the picture of yellow rice I brought to D's school :

Okay, back to the bento, I packed this tri-colore macaroni with spaghetti sauce packed separately. I thought it would be easier to eat and less mess and plus I love the colors too  >.<

On the next bowl its only steamed broccoli, some leftover fruit salads plus apples, grape tomato, carrots, and ½ of hard-boiled egg.

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthday Bento

Today is D’s 7th Birthday, so I have to make special bento. And this is the best I can come up with ^.^

I made PB&J for Brayden and Almond butter and Jelly sandwich for Dylan. Good thing I still have some red and yellow bell pepper in the fridge, so I use them to make some balloons decoration, I added cucumber with the skin side up for the green one.

I use alphabet pasta for the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, angel hair pasta for the balloon strings, and stars pasta just for decoration. I added a little drop of food coloring into the pasta when I boiled it. Turned out okay I think. This is the very first time I am using some food coloring for the bento and I am a bit scared to be honest, can’t wait to see if he would eat it or not. The rest are steamed broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and sliced cucumber.

I also joint the birthday ceremony at D's school at the last hour before the class dismissed. I brought some TUMPENG (traditional yellow rice that shaped like a big cone). I’ll post pictures later on, now I have to go back to the kitchen :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

I am not as lazy as yesterday but still not 100% into bentomaking thingy just yet. I must admit I push myself a little too hard and that's not good. But I feel guilty if I only packed the boys lame lunches, even though I know they will eat it no matter what.
The thing is I have so many things going on in my mind right now, D’s birthday coming, have to make Dr’s appointment for the baby and so on and so on. This week is just insanely busy. And I could not take a break of packing them lunches since there's no cafeteria at their school.

Anyway, I prepared chicken teriyaki and steamed rice for the boys. I marinated the chicken overnight so it’s nice and ready for the next day.
I thought I would like to make the Stegosaurus Dino rice for B since he’s so totally into Dinosaurs world. So I use the cookie cutter that I got from the kitchen gadget store last week, but it took me a good 10 minutes just to release the rice from the dino cookie mold, yet it didn't came out as good as I thought it would. Oh boy!! My Bad!! I should’ve use the mold when it’s wet or spray it with oil spray before I use it. Bad bad me!! I guess when you’re not 100% then everything just seems to be wrong, you can totally see it from the result. Me not happy with it! ^.^

So for Dylan I decided to just shape the rice with bear onigiri rice mold, and here are the pictures :

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spinach Ravioli Bento

I don’t know why but lately I am sooooo not in the best mood in making bento. I mean I still pack the boys lunch and everything but I just feel like I am losing my creativity, I don’t feel excited taking picture anymore …. I don’t know what’s going on with me.
Just the other day I even made an ugly bento, I was almost gonna post it on flickr for the ugly bento group but naahhh!!! … decided not to at the last minutes, it was just too ugly! LOL

Anyway, this morning I packed the boys some spinach ravioli, but I did not take a picture because it’s just exactly the same with what I’ve made in the past, so I thought I am gonna use the old picture instead.

This spinach ravioli from Costco is my life saver!!! Whenever I am not in the mood for cooking or just being a lazy butt like right now this is really coming handy. All I got to do is just boil it for about 7 minutes, strain it, then sprinkle it with some herb cheese that are included in the package and WALAHHH diner is DONE!!!! It’s even better because both of my boys are the biggest fan of this ravioli and they only want to eat it with just EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) sprinkled herb cheese, nothing else. So whenever I went to Costco I always make sure to grab one.

Anyway, here is the picture :

As you can see it's only spinach ravioli in one bowl garnished with fresh parsley and cherry tomato, and furit and vegetables on the other bowl, I also included extra parmesan cheese packed in a small furikake container. And lastly is my kids favorite snack cheezeIt!

Okay, I maybe need to find my ZEN and get a creativity boost right now and hoping maybe next week would be better.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Old bento pictures

I have no bento to be posted today, because I only packed the boys same O same O burger bento, and I did not even bother to take a picture. So instead I’d just go ahead posting some bento pictures from my old file, while refreshing my mind and hoping to get some new ideas for my kid’s bento in the future.

Let me start with this nasi goreng bento. We are all love nasi goreng! I make it almost all the time because it’s very easy to make. The ideal rice to be used is off course the rice that stays overnight (left over). You can, however make nasi goreng using some fresh made rice, but I would suggest putting the rice in the refrigerator for at least an hour. That way the rice would not be ends up too mushy.

You can throw almost anything into the rice, whatever protein and maybe vegetables you have in the fridge, seriously! So many times I make nasigoreng with some leftover fried chicken and maaan!!! My boys would go crazy for it! Making nasigoreng is my way to avoid wasting food, and basically that’s the idea according to Ming Tsai my favorite chef on foodnetworkTV.

For this bento, I made nasigoreng with some eggs and fish balls, it might sounds scary for some Americans but fish balls is a very commons ingredient to be used in so many dishes in Indonesia and many other Asian countries. It’s just like meatballs but it’s made out of white meat fish.

I personally off course love the spicy nasigoreng, but since this was made for the boys so I omitted the chilies. First I sautéed some minced garlic and chopped onion into a hot wok with just 2tbsp of vegetable oil (if you do not have a wok a regular pan would do the job). Then I added the fish balls that I cut into ¼ of each, after that, I added 2 eggs, scrambled it so it would not be clumped together. Lastly I add 2 cups of cooked rice and 1/2 cup of sweet corn, a little soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Keep stirring until everything mixed together and cooked.

I arranged the rice in one corner of the box, divided it with a plastic grass divider, next to it are some hotdogs that I cut into a flower shape, I put green pea in the center so it really would looks like a flower. Some grape tomatoes in between and pickle cucumber and carrots packed in a little dish bowl. Next to the bento box I packed some sliced persimmons sprinkled with a little honey and some chocolates kisses. Keep in mind this is Dylan’s old bento! Back then there’s no rule of NO sugar at all on the lunchbox.

Here are some of my other nasi goreng bento pictures from the past :

This one is just a simple fried frice with some eggs, fish cakes and sweet corn. On the next tier is banana cake and sliced navel oranges.

This one is also the same fried rice as above only I added some eggs omelet and I made a car with it. I use nori for the pavement and the red light pose. On the next tier is just oranges, vanilla cookies, fresh red bell pepper, and more omelet.

I got the idea to make a cattepilar bento from the bento book that I just got a while ago, I arranged some fresh cucumbers and carrots on top of the fried rice. I was out of lettuce at that time so the fruit tier looks so empty and I wasn't quiet pleased with the result.

This last one is the same fried rice as the other, I just packed it in the Mr. Zojirushi bento box. I put some teriyaki meatballs, steamed carrots cut into a flower shape and fresh lettuce underneath. On the other bowl I packed some fresh grapes, cherry tomatoes, sliced pears, and sugar peas. Last but not least cheezeIt!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yummy mummy for Halloween's treats

I had no idea that I’ll have to make something for everybody at D’s class for a halloween’s treats, until 4.30Pm Thursday night! I really wished that he'd told me earlier.
He wanted me to make some green cake for everyone in his class. He calls it green cake but it’s actually a chiffon pandan, it’s an Indonesian version of an angel cake, but it’s flavored with pandan leave extract. Pandan flavoring is very popular for pastry or traditional desert throughout south East Asia.
He asked me reluctantly if the green cake is gluten free or not, and I said NO off course. Then he looks so upset and told me that he kind a promised his teacher that he’ll ask me to make something for the treats. but its gotta be gluten free, no sugar, no candy, and no dairy! ...Oh boy!

So then I rushed to the grocery right away to find some healthy little treats for everyone. But he kept telling me that he wanted me TO MAKE something for everybody. Then I thought I'll just fix them some fruit or veggie tray, it’s a quick and easy and plus all parents would be happy too.

Okay, Problem solved! Now I just got to make the boys a mummy bento that I’ve planned earlier, I was going to cook an egg separately and wrapped the yolk with the white part. And then I got this crazy idea, I thought to myself maybe I can make everybody a mummy treats, I knew it’s NOT gonna be an easy things to do because I'll have to cook more than 10 eggs and dressed it up like a mummy … NAAHH not a good idea since it was already 7 PM!

I debating myself for quiet some times and finaly decided to make some express yellow rice then wrapped it with thin layered of omelet and I'll try to make it looks like a mummy!
Thanks God everything was cooked around 8PM, but I worked up so late to finish wrapping and dressing all those little mummies, I use nori for the face BTW.

I really tried to make the egg wrapped looks white by omiting some of the yolk, but for some reasons the egg mixture still looks so yellow, Oh well! it is what it is. D seems to be so pleased when he saw the result in the morning, he just can't wait to go to school and show everybody.
I still include the vegetables I've bought earlier, there are some fresh cucumber, carrots, baby roma tomatoes and lettuce. I put it all together in a silicon cupcake.
I really wished I've known this way way early, so I can be well prepared and didn't have to stayed up so late, but HEY … anything for the boys right! anything at all!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friendly little ghost!

Today I prepared two identical bentos for the boys, so I did not have to take lots of pictures like yesterday and the day before. They both want mini burger but I actually wasn’t sure if I could pull it together and make it into a Halloween bento, because I packed them mini burger so many time in the past couple of weeks and honestly I am getting so bored with the same bento display.
I actually haved planned to go to Asian market yesterday to pick some quail eggs, I tought I gotta  try to make a real ghost using quail eggs like the one piko made at http://www.advanturesinbentomaking/. But I decided to do laundry instead because the pile is just keep getting higher and higher it's like almost touching the roof ;-) seriously! I am so behind now because I've caught some cold early last week.
Well, anyway! I still thought I should give a little Halloween touch on this week’s bento, so I put this little friendly little ghost that I made out of Swiss cheese with some nori for the face, and put it on top of the burger. I made the RIP letter with some regular American cheese. After seeing all being put together I am quite pleased with the result, I think it wasn’t so bad after all!

Now for the burger patties, I always made the patties a whole lot at a time, freeze it, then thaw it whenever the kids requesting. It doesn’t take long at all to be thawed and It’s so easy to make. Believe me it will come handy for the busy mom who loves bento-ing.

Just mix 1 or 2 lbs fresh ground beef season it with some of your favorite BBQ sauce, worchestershire sauce, salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Scoope it with mini ice cream scooper so the size will be uniform, then flatten it with your hand. Put parchment paper in between of every patty so it would not be stacked together in one big piece once it froze. Store it in the airtight container then freeze it. It’s too easy isn’t?

As for the bun I always use 1/3 of the regular size hotdog buns. This time I use whole wheat hot dog bun. I also packed them some steamed asparagus, fresh lettuce, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes and ketchup in a little monkey sauce container.
Now I can’t wait to pick them up and ask them how their day went.

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