Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(#179) Rice rolls and kabocha

I know it's too early for Halloween ... but I just can't wait :P

Inspired by Sheri at Happy Little Bento, I made jack-O-lantern with small cherry tomatoes.
When I grab one basket of cherry tomatoes from the store I thought I spot some yellow/orange color with its stem still attached, but once I got home there aren't much left, the stems are loosing as soon as I open the package :( so I use the red color ...still okay I think ...

Anyway, I made some rice rolled with omelet. I cooked the rice with some mushroom stock so it's already flavorful. There are also some baked blue kuri squash (my kids like to call it kabocha), English cucumbers, fresh kiwis and jack-o-lantern mandarin orange.
Here's the up-close pic :

It ain't too bad huh? ... hopefully by the time Halloween's coming my carving skill would be improved ...LOL ...
Here are couple more pictures :

Monday, September 26, 2011

(#178) Black rice with roasted chicken

Hi everybody .. I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

Just a quick post for tomorrow's bento, not that I am busy (like always) but I've been having stomachache since this afternoon, nothing to serious though but seems like I am allergic to something :(
Anyway, I still managed to make some roasted chicken for dinner and as always I packed some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I also cook some black rice for the first time, and I am so glad both my kids love it!!

I topped the rice with some flowered carrot to add some color. There are also some yellow carrot next to the chicken. On another box I packed some dried apricot, fresh grapes and mandarin orange.

Have a great evening y'all ^__^

Thursday, September 22, 2011

(#177) Fried Rice *again???*

Yup!!! fried rice is always safe my day ..especially in a busy and lazy days like toda :(

I cooked some fried rice for dinner and spare some to be packed for tomorrow's bento.
I have featured the same fried rice in the past, you can see it HERE and for those who wanted to know how to make it you can check my other cooking blog HERE.

Back to the bento now, next to the rice there are some plain tamago, sliced cucumbers, carrot chips and mixed heirloom tomatoes.

I also packed some sliced of fresh apples sprinkled with cinnamon (not pictured). I know they have been bringing this for snack time for the last 3 or 4 days ... but they love it!! ^__^ and I have tons of fresh apples from our apple trees at the backyard.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(#177) Fried Rice

Simple fried rice bento for tomorrow's lunches with some leftover turkey spam and pineapple in it, I also sprinkled a dash of curry powder into it, smells so yummy!! and I also topped the rice with some heart shape carrot (just to add some color) :P

Inside the second tier are some fresh strawberries, sliced of english cucumbers, pineapple and carrots.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

(#176) Turkey Spam Musubi

Tomorrow's bento features Turkey Spam Musubi ^__^

During our last summer trip to Hawaii, I was so curious wanted to know how's musubi taste like. You know you can find musubi almost everywhere in Hawaii.
But since we do not eat pork, we can only wonder how its taste :P. Thank's God there are some chicken teriyaki musubi ^__^
Then hubby said one of his co-worker is on vacation in Minnesota, and she said she'll bring us some Turkey Spam. What a convenience!!

This is my very first attempt making musubi .. it was quite a challenge for me :P I know I am not a good sushi maker :D but hey ... it's not the look what's important right?? ...
I was surprised hubby even loves it!!

I also packed some steamed broccoli, fresh pineapple, strawberry, carrot chips and flowered kiwis. I also packed them some sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon for a snack time (not pictured)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

(#175) Tuna casserole

Hi Everyone ^__^ I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.
I am so sorry I haven't been able to visit my bento pals blog ... it's been insanely busy all these past couple of weeks. But I promise I'd do that when everything back to normal again.

As for tomorrow's bento, I packed the boys some leftovers. We had tuna casserole for dinner tonight. Something quick and easy to prepared :D

There are also some carrots, mixed heirloom tomatoes in a mini orange skewer, strawberries, steamed broccoli and oranges.
I topped the casserole with fresh parsley to add some colors.

Here is another picture :

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(#174) Rice with Salmon Teriyaki

Another quick post for tomorrow's bento :)

The other day I purchased a big wild salmon from someone in the neighborhood. And my oldest son loves it so super much that he wants to have some for lunch. Will buy again when he has more!
My 2nd son however is not too crazy about it, so I only took one bento picture. I packed him some honey and banana sandwich and the rest are the same.

First tier contains rice sprinkled with furikake and salmon teriyaki I put slice of lemons to add colors.
Second tier contains some fresh grapes, dried apricots, mixed heirloom tomatoes (my boy's favorite) and cucumbers.

Have a great Tuesday y'all ^__^

Monday, September 12, 2011

(#173) Fried chicken and sweet corn

Just a quick post for tomorrow's bento, I packed the boys some leftovers fried chicken and sweet corn that we got freshly from our friend's garden.

Beside fried chicken and sweet corn, I also put some dried apricots and raisins, fresh strawberries and carrots.
Here's another pic :

Sorry for such a short post, I am so busy and still cooking in the kitchen. Tomorrow I'm going to host some Indonesian students for a long overdue Eid party. We'll have Indonesian festive at my house, can't wait!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

(#172) Rice and marbled egg

Hi everyone!!! I am back!! hope you are all enjoying the summer.
I did not post any picnics bento as I mentioned on my last post :P Even tough we had so many picnics over the summer. Too lazy to take any pics I guessed :P

Anyway, school has been resuming since last week, but I only got my bento making mojo recently :P ...
Well, we went to Hawaii right at the very last week of summer vacation and the boys missing a couple days of school. I made bento on Friday but did not take any pics.

Up for tomorrow's bento I made some nasi uduk (jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk and some spice and herbs) I made this a lot. There are also some marbled egg (halved), some flowered omelet with carrot in the middle, fresh carrots and some mixed heirloom tomatoes. I also put some grapes and strawberry. Last but not least some low fat blue berry cultured milk kefir pack in a mini bottle.

Here is another pic :

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