Wednesday, December 7, 2011

(#197) Snowman bento

OMG!! I did not realize I haven't post any bento since after Thanksgiving ^ 0 ^ and the boys will be on winter holiday within a couple of days.
So today I pushed my self to make at least one winter bento for them.

Inside the box : snowman onigiri, tamagoyaki (I know I did such a lousy job making it :D ), breaded shrimp, mixed heirloom tomatoes and strawberry.
I did not realize until after I took a picture that the snowman is missing the hat .. boo hoo!! bad bad me!!! I think  maybe I kept looking at the snowman pick with the ear muff too much. I hope it still looks like a snowman :P

This box has 2 compartments, one bottom and one top. I filled the top tier with some extra fruit and snack (not pictured).
And here's another pic :

This could be it my bento pals .. if I do not come up with any winter bento then this would be my last bento of the year. With that let me wish you all Happy Holiday and Happy New Year 2012. GBU!
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