Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(#143) Indoor picnic, and pasta bento

D is telling me that today they will  have an indoor picnic at his class, they'll pretending the weather is nice, sunny and warm. Well, it was raining a little when I dropped them at school this morning, and now the sun is shining brightly but off course the temperature outside is still in the 40's here in Bellingham.
And everyone should bring a picnic friendly lunch so I packed him smoked turkey rolled in tortilla.

The rests are steamed broccoli, another smoked turkey (I tried to make it like a flower :D), sliced of English cucumbers, grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and satsuma orange.
I also packed banana, crackers and dried plum (not pictured).

And for B, I packed him some leftover pasta with basil pesto topped with flowered cucumber and carrot. I use the eko lunch box that has little separated container with lid perfect for the pasta or chilly, I really love this box and now I am thinking to get another one.

The rests are steamed broccoli topped with flowered carrot, yellow baby carrots, grape tomatoes, sliced of persimmons, granny smith apple and dried plum.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(#142) Fried chicken and roasted kabocha

Quick post for today's bento ^_^ YUP!! I roasted some kabocha last night and OH MY!!! it came out so good, I did not even put any sea salt or anything but everyone loves it including the baby!

Inside the box : fried chicken, roasted kabocha, steamed broccoli, baby roma tomatoes, satsuma and dried plum. Below is the other picture :

Monday, December 6, 2010

(#141) Vegetable soup from a Deli :D

Busy weekend yesterday, hubby decided to install a new sink and it took him almost the whole day, and I could not cook since he took all the kitchen space :D
So we decided to have dinner out and do little grocery afterwards, I bought some vegetable soup and bread for today's bento.

It's Monday and that means D is going to Mt. Baker again for the next ski lessons. So I packed the soup in a thermal soup bowl separately (not pictured). I hope he can manage to open the lid with no problem.

The rest are some cheddar and onion bread stick packed in the first tier, the second tier contents are satsuma, persimmons, granny smith apple slices and some dried plum. In the morning I decided to put some mozzarella stick for "just in case" he's still hungry up there :D
And off course packed him some hot chocolate to warm him up after the lessons.

This one is for B, he seems a little upset and jealous that his brother got to go skiing while he is going to school like a normal day, but after seeing his teacher and friends I know he'll have a great FUN day.

Here are some before and after picture, and I am so happy with the result, this is our first DIY project we ever do to our house :D my husband is not such a handy man, I mean really ... he is not a handy man at all ...LOL
I kept my fingers crossed all day long yesterday ..... but after seeing the result I might let him do the kitchen floor next .... :D

Not only that the water is dripping, but the sink is pretty gross HUH? ...

Not bad ... not bad at all ....

Y'all have a great Monday ^_^

Thursday, December 2, 2010

(#140) Simple fried rice

For today's bento I prepared a very simple fried rice with egg and sweet corn, topped with flowered carrot and leafs food pick ^_^

The rests are leftover fried chicken, I sliced the meat part only so it would be easier for them to eat. Sliced of English cucumbers, some baby yellow carrots and green beans along with baby roma tomatoes, crispy granny smith apple slices, and fresh pineapple.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(#139) Chicken spring rolls

Today's bento is very simple and quick :

I made some chicken spring rolls upon hubby's request, he did not want to have a big dinner that's why. So I packed the boys some leftovers, along with that are same vegetables with yesterday's bento, yellow baby carrots and green beans, baby roma tomatoes and fresh pineapples.
Snacks are packed separately (not pictured) ^_^

I blanched the green beans a little bit too long, so the color did not turn out to be flattering on the pictures, but they are still crunchy, just the way my kids love it!
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