Wednesday, October 31, 2012

(# 248) Fried rice with tofu and fish sausage

Hallowen is over and now we're back to regular bento, hope I won't bore you with my simple bento.

It's been a while since I last packed some fried rice for the boys, this simple dish is always safe my day during the busy times. And YES! today I was so busy trying to get everything done before I pick the boys from school. We had an early dinner, packed some leftovers for lunch then take a quick pictures before heading for trick or treating.
I honestly am not happy with the result of the pictures I took .. but I am still post it anyway :P

I threw in some some fish cake, eggs, and peas & carrots in the fried rice, so it's already contain some protein and veggies. I topped the rice with some flowered carrot and picks to make it more fun.
In the next compartment I put some pan fried tofu in a lettuce bed. There're also some fish sausage in a flower skewer.

Recently I purchased some lights to help me making a good pictures at night, and I am not quite get it yet, so these pictures looks too bright, I need to learn more and I am excited!

Have a great evening everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

(# 247) Rice with sweet minced beef BAT bento

Wrapping up Halloween theme bento I prepared this yummy rice with sweet minced stir fry beef. I know many of you must have known already on how do I make the bat shape in the middle of the rice, but for new visitors to my blog I'll let you know how.
First, you place a bat shape cutter in the center of the bento box, put some rice on the outer side and pat it gently  to make sure the rice would stay in form. Then spoon the beef in the center part, gently release the cutter and ta daaa!! that's it!
I use red bell pepper for the eyes and 2 rice grains for its fangs, I also put some peas on top of the rice just to add some colors.

On the next part of the box are some fresh kiwi slices and halved satsuma O'Lantern with red bell pepper for facial details.

Happy Halloween!!! I hope you are all have a very Spooktacular one ^__^

Monday, October 29, 2012

(# 246) Salisbury steak ghost bento

Up for tomorrow's lunch I packed the boys some leftovers. I made two identical bento for both of them.
We had some Salisbury steak with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes.
I layered some mashed potato on the 1/2 buttom of the box and layed the coffin shape Salisbury steak on top of it, then I put the R.I.P letter cheese cut out.

There are some sweet corn in a separated silicone cup, topped with a ghost. I made the ghost using a provolone cheese and nori for facial details.
Next to it is a sweet yellow pepper O'Lantern. Fruit and snack are packed separately (not pictured)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

(# 245) Frankenstein turkey sandwich bento

Three more days till Halloween!! I must use these days to pack Halloween bento for my boys ... been taking days off of making bento due to early release and some other reasons.

For tomorrow's bento I prepared a Frankenstein turkey sandwich, I found the sandwich cutter at our local Fred Meyer this afternoon, it was on sale! so I grab one and waste no time to use it :P

I use provolone cheese and black olive for the eyes and lips and lettuce for its hair.
Next to the sandwich are some fresh grapes and mini orange pepper O'Lantern.
There's also satsuma orange for snack time.

Here's another picture in different angle

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(# 244) Sunflower seeds butter and honey sandwich

Another sandwich post :P
This time I made sunflower seeds butter with honey sandwich in a shape of black cat. 

I also make a chicken sausage finger that looks like burnt, I use slivered almond for its nails ... was going to put some ketchup to make it bloody effect, but decided not to, I don't want any of the ketchup touch the sandwich.
Next to it are sweet mini peppers stuffed with cream cheese, and last but not least is Mandarin Jack O'Lantern.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

(# 243) Cream cheese open face sandwich eyeballs and alien bento

I made two identical bento for tomorrow's. My 2nd son B requested me to pack him bagels and cream cheese the other day, he loooooves bagels and cream cheese so much, and it's too bad I somewhat forgot to put it on my grocery shopping list last weekend,(bad me!!) I don't like to go back to the store just to get one thing, I always come back with a whole bunch of stuff I don't even need.

So what I did is I cut multi-grains bread with doughnut cutter and make it an open face eyeballs sandwich, I spread a little honey in between to make it stick together, smeared some cream cheese on the top part and using tooth pick I made an eyeballs pattern with strawberry syrup, I stuffed black olive in the middle part, I hope it looks like an eyeballs .. LOL ...

There's also hard boiled egg alien, facial details as always are made out of nori cut. Next to it are Mandarin orange, fresh carrot and mini sweet pepper. Enjoy!

Monday, October 15, 2012

(# 242) Fried Noodle Monsters and Jack Bento

Trying to keep up with the theme I prepared another Halloween bento, this time I prepared some fried noodle, beef teriyaki, steamed broccoli, mini sweet peppers and Mandarin orange Jack O'Lantern.
I also put some monster creatures to make it more fun, enjoy!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

(# 241) Chili skull bento

Falls is finally here, after 2.5 months summer vacay in Indonesia and we returned here to a summer like weather still, it feels like we had the longest summer ever!
Until towards the end of last week there's some some significant change, I honestly miss the winds and rains ... call me crazy but I love to just bundling with my kids, watching movies, and have chili simmering on the stove and maybe baking some cookies .. aahh I love falls!!

Continuing with Halloween theme, I prepared a chili with a skull made of rice.
If any of you wonder how I mold it (some of you must know that I am not as good as other bentoist in molding rice with bare hands :P) I mode the rice using a skull mold that I made out of the skull decoration I purchased at michaels for under 2 bucks, there are like 6 pcs in a package, so I cut on piece and keep the rest for what its purpose. The plastic is pretty thin, so using scissors would do the job. I then washed it trough, stuffed the rice inside and release it with no problem, put some nori cut out for its eyes, and that's it! So here's the picture :

I hope it's spooky enough for my kids :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

(# 240) Saba Misoyaki - Spider bento

Halloween time again!! it's time to get spookylicious ...
For my first Halloween bento of the year, I prepared some saba misoyaki, steamed broccoli, carrot and pear tomatoes. There are also some sliced apples topped with spider plastic that I got from Wallgreens last week :)

I shaped the rice with my bare hands, as you can see it did not came out uniform on sizes ....I used cling wrap to avoid stickiness, and it came out okay I think :P
Facial details are made of nori cut out, I did in in such a rush so I am not so impressed with the result.

Hope I can come up with another Halloween bento soon. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

(# 239) Fried Noodle Butterfly Bento

Up for tomorrow's bento I prepared some fried noodle with stir fry beef.
Nothing's special in this bento, I just use some food pics and butterfly carrot cut out to make it more appealing.

There are also some blackberries and steamed broccoli next to the beef.

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