Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(# 253) Stuffed Aburage/Bean curd bento

I made simple stuffed aburage (bean curd) lunch for my boy's bento tomorrow. I got this ready to make aburage complete with its sauce from Korean Market last weekend. I hope my boys will love it, I know my oldest son will :P

Next to the rice are some grilled chicken (leftovers), mini sweet peppers, satsuma, mini heirloom tomatoes and fresh sliced kiwis.
I also made provolone bear just to make this bento looks cute.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

(# 252) Steamed bun bento

This is my first bento after Thanksgiving :P I think everybody understand who wants to cook after Thanksgiving ... :P
I was so lazy and tried to finished our Turkey leftovers, we had lots of turkey sandwiches lunches, turkey fried rice, turkey this and turkey that ... UGH!

But today I forced my self to make steamed bun, please check the recipe HERE, you can stuffed with any meat you wish. This time I used beef, because that's what I have thawed, normally we love chicken, but beef isn't too bad, my family love it!

There are some sugar snaps next to steamed buns, red Texas grapefruit, and mini heirloom tomatoes, I tried to make it cute by adding nori facial details and leave stems.

I hope you can spot the bunny face in the mini heirloom tomatoes in this bento. My kids think they are cute ^__^

Thursday, November 8, 2012

(# 251) Fried noodle with grilled chicken - bear bento

This is the only bento I have for this week, and I only made one picture too :P been so lazy lately ;-)

This simple bento contains some fried noodle, grilled chicken and mini Roma tomatoes. I topped the chicken with a provolone cheese bear, facial details for bear is made of nori.

There are also some satsuma orange in a separated silicone bowl.

For snack time I packed some plain Greek yogurt in a little glass, to make it more flavorful and fun I layered some granola on the bottom, yogurt, some maple syrup and topped it with strawberry slices. Yummm!!

Happy weekend everybody ^__^

Sunday, November 4, 2012

(# 250) Open face salmon sandwich bento

The other day when we had Vietnamese Pho for dinner I stopped by the Euro market nearby, and bought this organic dark rye bread with caraway seeds, and I looove its flavor, I honestly did not expect it to be that good but it goes really well with salmon gravlax.
I made gravlax some time ago after I bought local wild salmon from my neighbor who always going fishing when salmon is on season. It turned out really well and I am so pleased with the result.

I use low fat cream cheese for this open face sandwich.
For fillers I put some mini Roma tomatoes and peeled satsuma orange. Snack are packed separately (not pictured).

I only make 1 bento picture since my 2nd son isn't too crazy about salmon, so I fixed him whole wheat bagels with cream cheese, and I thought I just posted WW bagels bento last week.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

(# 249) Bagels with egg bunny bento

Tomorrow's bento featuring whole wheat bagels with cream cheese and hard boiled egg bunny plus some red bell peppers.
I was too lazy to cook this evening so we went out having Pho for dinner, as a result I pack a non cook bento, I already have some boiled eggs handy.

Nothing's fancy in this bento, but I tried to make it more fun for the boys, so I turned the egg into a bunny (I hope it looks like one :P) my youngest son just said it looks like a mouse to him ... and he's 3 BTW!

I love this thermal stainless steel bento box I just got a couple months ago, just the right size for my boys.
I purchased similar ones long time ago but I wasn't really pay attention on the sizes, so once I received it I  was a bit disappointed because they were way to big. But I am sure I will be able to use it one day. I love  collecting bento boxes anyway :P

Have a great weekend everybody ^__^
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