Monday, November 23, 2009

My first AWARD!

This is my first AWARD since I start blogging and I feel so honored to get this kreativ blogger award from Angie. You can visit her blog at Here’s the rule: I have to state 7 things about myself and pass it on the award to another 7 creative bloggers. This is a FUN way to get to know each other more. So here are my seven things about me :

I love cooking but hate cleaning, even though most of the time I did it anyway :D
I always think about others than myself.
I don’t like to use CC, if I want to get something I would rather wait till I have the money than owe the bank.
I hate being rushed and or late. I consider myself a very on time person.
Hubby says that my weakness is that I am too nice ^.^ and many time people will take advantage.
I love coffee, even though I have problem with caffeine but I love the flavor, so I always get the decaf one.
Last time I went to the cinema is when that ancient movie Alvin and the chipmunks was out :D *poor me*

Okay, now for the hard part, to pass this award to another 7 creative bloggers. I really do have a hard time making decision. As ya'll know I am so new with this blog and I am not even sure if I know 7 bloggers. But I take this as a challenge to get to know more people, so BIG thanks again to you Angie ^.^ here are another 7 creative bloggers I’ve choose:

Okay gotta go now, I have to do lunch recess duty at D&B's school, will post today's bento once I got back. Have a great Monday everyone!


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