Monday, February 27, 2012

(#209) Simple Sandwiches Bento

Another simple bento post for tomorrow :P
We went out for dinner, hubby wants some Pho Vietnamese noodle, so there's no leftovers to be packed :)

This one is for big son, he loves turkey sandwich (he actually loves any kind of sandwiches) so easy and I love it!!
Along with the sandwich I packed some pears, medley grape tomatoes, grapes and mini sweet bell pepper.
I ended up taking the pear out and packed it separately with some more grapes, the sandwiches were too big and I do not want to squeeze it.

This one is for B ^__^ he is the picky one!! and sandwich is just not his thing :( so I made cream cheese with black berry jam, topped with butterfly carrots. There are also some pears, medley grape tomatoes, mini sweet bell peppers and celery.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

(#208) Squirrel mac and cheese bento

Hello my bento pals, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Our weekend was so crazy and scary. It was the scariest episode of my life!!! but Thanks God everything is okay.
We started our Saturday morning being lazy and just relaxing, everybody were in my bed teasing baby Gavin, he's so cute giggling and laughing with his brothers.
Then I decided to get up and made some crepes for breakfast, hubby followed me and went out side to feed the chickens.
But not long after that he returned inside holding his chest and complaining his heart wouldn't stop beating so fast, he's in so much pain, his face was so pale and I was so panic. I told him I'd take him to ER, but then he shouted "Call 911"

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 right away, told the dispatcher everything and she said help is on the way. It was the longest 5 minutes in my life!!
Soon after the paramedic came I feel a little better knowing that hubby will be alright, he was very alert and responsive. They then took him to ER.
Everything happened so fast, and I feel so scary, so confused and somewhat still panic. Never in a million years that I dreamed to experience calling 911.

I then called my close friends and arranged the baby sitter for the boys, so I can followed him to the hospital.
We arrived at the hospital by noon and directly went to his room, he's very alert and smiling at me and he said Dr. should be here soon to explain everything.
And I feel so much better to hear that it was not a heart attack!! he experienced irregular heart rhythm and should check it with specialist or cardiologist for further diagnose.... *pheeeww*
Can't describe how happy I was knowing hubby is alright. We'll make sure he's seeing the recommended specialist. And I hope this would never ever ever happened again.

Anyway, back to bento business. I prepared some mac and cheese for the boys, along with it are some chicken wings, parmesan cauliflower and romanesco with garlic, herb and EVOO. For fillers I put some sweet mini bell peppers and pear tomato. Fruit and snack are packed separately (not pictured)

I topped the mac and cheese with carrot squirrels and acorn food picks, I hope it looks like spring :P I can't wait for spring even though it is not here yet, matter of fact it's snowing today!! what a crazy weather.
Here's another picture :

Thursday, February 23, 2012

(#207) Sandwiches bento

Today the boys are going to Mt. Baker Theater to watch the show and the teacher suggested to pack some simple lunches, and here there are :

I have been having this cute basket box for a long while, but always been doubt to use it until today :P
I prepared some turkey sandwich for big son in multi-grains bread, complete with some lettuce tomato and Swiss cheese. Fruits are packed separately.

Here's another simple sandwich bento for B :

Cute little bear, heart and rabbit honey sandwiches, steam broccoli, pear tomatoes, apple and blood orange. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

(#206) Fried rice heart bento

Tomorrow's bento featuring two loving ducks.
I carved the tomato since my mini heart cookie cutter is no where to be found :( but I think I did good job :P

It's been a long while since I used this bento box last, I actually was re-arranging my bento boxes collection and I did not even remember I have these boxes.
So, inside the lower compartment are some breaded shrimps, sweet corn topped with heart shaped tomato with an arrow pick, and some fruits (same as yesterday) kiwi, blood orange and cherry.
In another box are some fried rice topped with two lil loving ducks. I use some radish for the ducks so it won't be melted like cheese.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

(#205) Mac and cheese cloud and rains bento

I did not actually planned to make bento for tomorrow's, I thought I can just pack them some bagels and cream cheese in the morning.
But during dinner B was complaining about his loosing tooth ... when I checked it's not really hanging by a thread but I know for sure he wouldn't be able to eat bagels.

So then I decided to I cook some mac and cheese, I thought that would be easy for him to chew. Thank's good I just stocked up some organic shells and white cheddar cheese from Trader Joe's.
So here there are :

I made some clouds from Swiss cheese and regular American cheese with some nori for facial details, the rain drops are made out of carrots so the color can be pop out.
On the next compartment are some variety of fresh fruits : kiwi, blood orange and cherry. There are also some steamed broccoli, carrot and pear tomato.

Mac and cheese is one of the dishes that my boys love to eat even in the room temperature.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

(#204) Butterfly bento

I finally am using the hand-made picks I made the other day for my boys bento for tomorrow ^__^ and I am pretty happy with the result, here there are :

Inside the box are some fried potato dough or we call it perkedel kentang, steam rice topped with some butterfly carrots, and on the next compartment are steam broccoli, hard-boiled egg, and next to it are some kiwi and blue berries.

I think this bento is so effortless but still cute (I hope it's not too girly for them :P), all thanks to the cute hand-made picks ^__^, if you want to know how to make it you can check at my previous post HERE
Have a great evening y'all ^__^

Monday, February 6, 2012

(#203) Pastel tutup hearts bento

Up for tomorrow bento I prepared some Indonesian dish called Pastel tutup, it's Indonesian version of Shepherd pie. I made single serve using some disposable muffin tin cup that fit inside Lunchbots boxes ..Love it!!
Inside the pie are some chicken, beans thread, peas and carrots and some hard boiled egg covered by a thin layer of mashed potatoes and topped by heart shaped carrots. I hope my boys gonna love it!

I put some heart picks and candy just for fun.
I also put some kiwi, blueberries, and pink grapefruit (I tasted before I put it inside the box and they are pretty sweet for a grapefruit) I know my boys will love it!
There are also some carrots just to fill the box and a drinks in a lil bottle that I got from Korean market yesterday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

(DIY) Food Picks

No bento to be post, but you have no idea how excited I am to post this DIY project ...*SERIOUSLY* it's DIY Food Picks!! and it's so cute (I promise!)
I have made some hand-made picks in the past inspired by Bentozen and many other bentoist, but I only use tooth picks and some twisted bow. 

You can use some masking tape and make pattern like leaves or flag like the one on yum yum bento book, and it is cute!! don't get me wrong I LOVE IT!!
The problem with that is you can not re-use it, the masking tape will get wet when it come in contact with greasy food. And this is reusable hand-made cute and inexpensive food picks.

This food picks DIY project I made is a great idea for those who have hard time getting some food picks, or do not want to spend so much for shipping and handling when purchase the items directly from Japan.  
I paid less than 2 dollars for each package, seeing the result I am so impressed! I save so much money and get so many cute picks in one day. How cool is that?? normally I'd wait for days from the day I purchase till the day I got it.

So this is the story, earlier today I went to Michaels to get some cookie cutter and doughnut cutters, well I did not get those :( they don't have it in stock *I guessed* ... I was a bit disappointed so then I walked around the store just to kill sometimes before picking up the boys from school. 
Then I stopped at the beads isle, I looked around and my eyes stopped at some buttons, I was so excited and checked almost the entire selection they have and went crazy :P! 

All buttons I bought still in the packaging
I was thinking maybe I could make it into food picks ... it shouldn't be too hard *I thought* all I need is just some crazy glue and something for the stem. 
But I didn't know what to use for the stem or pose. Then I came up with this crazy idea. THE COMB! Yess!! I can cut the pieces and use it for the stem. 
I was too excited I went to Walgreens right away and bought the cheapest combs they have. You can go to dollar stores I am sure they must have some there. 

Okay, enough talking! let's check the pictures and how is made, shall we :

It's sooooo easy to make, all you gotta do is cut the comb and collect all the pieces, rub the edge onto sand paper to get it smooth and stick to the button better.
Using crazy glue stick the stem onto the back side of each buttons, be very careful working with crazy glue!
And double check the button position, you do not want to miss place the stem on the wrong side.

The back side of the flower buttons 
Let the stems rest on the buttons for a long while until the glue dried up. Here's the result :

Never knew they were once buttons huh? 
Here are another results :

I am not done yet with the whole buttons I got today, will finish it up over the weekend!
I hope this give you idea for your weekend project ^__^ have a great weekend y'all ^__^


  • Be very careful working with crazy/super glue, make sure it's completely dry and odorless before using it for your bento. I've read that most of super glue are non toxic when it's dry!!
  • Wash it trough! and sanitize it before using by soaking in warm and soapy water then rinse it off troughly.
  • Choose the good size of buttons and be aware of choking hazard, talk to your kids and be sure they understand and know what's in their lunch box.
  • When you choose the comb, please be aware of the plastic's type, make sure it's a food save kind, such PP or PET, since the stems will be in direct contact with food. But I am pretty sure this should be okay (I've seen some people using combs as a tools/gadget to release some leafy herbs from its stem like cilantro, parsly etc). Needles to say we all know that food picks in general are not microwavable, so do not microwave your food with these kind of picks.
  • As for the buttons, I honestly haven't checked the type of plastic of those buttons I've used, but did stumble upon one website and found out that most of buttons manufactures uses the same plastic uses for toothbrush handles, and some kind a kitchen dish etc, so I am okay with this too.
  • I also 100% positive that these buttons must be 100% leads free.
  • In general, it's really up to you, if you have some concerns or doubt about plastic issues then don't try this, all I am doing right here is just trying to be creative, saving money and having FUN! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(#202) Quack quack yellow rice bento

Tomorrow's simple bento featuring yellow rice topped with mother duck and two lil duckling following her. 
I got new vegetable cutter today and wanted to try it out right away, I love love love it so much!! too bad I haven't done any grocery yet so the carrot I have were way too small :( I barely managed to get the whole duck cut out. I almost give up and not taking any pictures :P

The rests are egg flower topped with flowered carrot, tomato slices, sugar peas and more carrots. 
Fruit and snacks are packed separately (not pictured)

Here's the close up :

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