Tuesday, November 9, 2010

(#133) Yellow rice and butterfly

I finally have a chance to update my bento blog. This past week was so extremely busy cos D's birthday and my in laws are in town. I did not have a chance to make D a birthday bento on Monday, but I made a special yellow rice.
In Indonesia people have this kind a yellow rice for many big celebrations. So I hope he'll like it and notice that this bento is specially made for his birthday.

I made 3 identical bentos coz D had his buddy for a sleep over at our house.

Inside the box : yellow rice topped with butterfly made out of mini sweet peppers and carrots, egg sheet noodle, steamed broccoli, petite cucumber topped with flowered carrot, cherry tomatoes and baby yellow carrots. Fruit and snack are packed separately (not pictured)

Yesterday I went to school to drop some birthday treats for everyone in D's class, I made some beef and vegetables croquettes and strawberry rolled cake, and they are all love it!!
Too bad I couldn't stay for the ceremony, but when I came to pick up I see a very BIG smile on D's face, and I am so glad he had a great day.


Kelly Polizzi said...

oh how pretty this bento is? You did great with the butterfly! And the cucumber/carrots. Very yummy too! Wish I could eat at your house !

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment Kelly ^_^ ... I am so pleased my boys ate it all ^_^

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