Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(#143) Indoor picnic, and pasta bento

D is telling me that today they will  have an indoor picnic at his class, they'll pretending the weather is nice, sunny and warm. Well, it was raining a little when I dropped them at school this morning, and now the sun is shining brightly but off course the temperature outside is still in the 40's here in Bellingham.
And everyone should bring a picnic friendly lunch so I packed him smoked turkey rolled in tortilla.

The rests are steamed broccoli, another smoked turkey (I tried to make it like a flower :D), sliced of English cucumbers, grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and satsuma orange.
I also packed banana, crackers and dried plum (not pictured).

And for B, I packed him some leftover pasta with basil pesto topped with flowered cucumber and carrot. I use the eko lunch box that has little separated container with lid perfect for the pasta or chilly, I really love this box and now I am thinking to get another one.

The rests are steamed broccoli topped with flowered carrot, yellow baby carrots, grape tomatoes, sliced of persimmons, granny smith apple and dried plum.


Lyndsey said...

I like that separate cotainer in the second bento, and the leftover pasta looks really good! Nice idea to have an indoor picnic!

Journal Mommy Yenny said...

The box sure looks lovely. It perfectly fits with your nice bento :)

KidsDreamWork said...

Love the colourful bentos so much! The Eco lunchbox looks really handy yeah!

bentobird said...

These cheerful torilla wraps look so fun and stylish, can I borrow this nifty idea?

Happy weekend, Lina!

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Lyndsey : thanks a lot!!! I miss a nice warm weather like Indonesia ... winter here is too long :( ...

JournalMommyYenny : thank you so much, you are so nice!!!

KidsDreamWork :YEP ... I love the box so much!!

BentoBird : Thank you so much Jenn ^__^ I got this idea from others too ... you have a lovely day ^__^

yunitarahmasari aka tatabonita said...

I really love your boxes *envy bin ngiriiii hihihiii ^^*. The food you put in the boxes sound so delicious - bet they had a lovely picnic :D

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Tata dear .. makasih banyak, aku pen beli satu lagi biar adil .. wkwkw

pinknut said...

hmmm...kayanya enak..^^

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