Sunday, April 10, 2011

(#152) Wedding pics and Ravioli bento

Hello everybody ... I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.
It's been a long while since my last post. I went to Indonesia for my sister's wedding in March. When I came back I wasn't really in the mood of making bento coz of the jet lag, and soon after that the boys were on spring break.

Anyway, I spent almost 3 weeks in Bandung - Indonesia. I went with baby G only and left D and B home with hubby. I have traveled to Indonesia with 3 kids, so traveling with only one baby was easy! problem is, it was really hard leaving the other 2 at home *seriously*, I never been away from them since they were born. But hubby did such a great job taking care of D and B. And we skype almost everyday, so I got to talk to them before they went to school and around dinner time.

Here are some pictures from the wedding :

My youngest sister

The whole family minus hubby, D and B

It's me between my sister and her husband

Me, baby G and my sister

During the traditional ceremony

Okay, now to the Bento.
I made this simple bento last week. It was only cheese ravioli drizzled with EVOO and cheese and herb. 

The rests are home-made salted egg, cucumbers, tangerine, yellow carrots and cherry tomatoes. 

Y'all have a great day.


Angi said...

Wow Ya'll look stunning!!!!! I bet the wedding was amazing :)

Lia Chen said...

Hi Lina! *big hug* first ... I miss your bento post. But glad that you are back bento-ing now :)

KidsDreamWork said...

Love that purple coloured theme family bento a lot! Nice shot!

Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Thanks Angie ... it was a great wedding, I am so glad I went!

Liaaaaaaaa : *BIGHUGS* .... I missed so many of your amazing bento posts. But I am working on it :D thanks for your kind comments.

KidsDreamWork : thank you so much for your nice comments ^__^

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