Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(#195) Chicken meatball soup

It's time to pack the boys some hot soup to warm their day.
I got thermal lunch box last weekend and curious to see how good it is. I was so tempted to get 2 sets, one for each boy, but I thought it's better to try and see how it is then decided whether or not I should get another set. And besides there are 2 thermal boxes in one set, I can just pack whatever warm food and each get one, all I have to do is just pack it in a regular lunch bag along with another food.

Anyway I made a very simple chicken meatballs soup and add in some carrots and chopped celery.

On the other box I packed some mini perkedel (Indonesian pan fried potato dough), purple sweet potatoes and pea pods. Fruit and snack are pack separately (not pictured)

Here's another picture :

See you all next week, I wont make any bento for Thursday till Monday since it will be early release.


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