Monday, February 13, 2012

(#206) Fried rice heart bento

Tomorrow's bento featuring two loving ducks.
I carved the tomato since my mini heart cookie cutter is no where to be found :( but I think I did good job :P

It's been a long while since I used this bento box last, I actually was re-arranging my bento boxes collection and I did not even remember I have these boxes.
So, inside the lower compartment are some breaded shrimps, sweet corn topped with heart shaped tomato with an arrow pick, and some fruits (same as yesterday) kiwi, blood orange and cherry.
In another box are some fried rice topped with two lil loving ducks. I use some radish for the ducks so it won't be melted like cheese.


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

The lovey ducks are so very cute!!

Lia Chen said...

Happy Valentine's Day Lin!
I adore your sweet bento with full of hearts. Your boys are so lucky! (^.^)

Lina Gladman said...

Hi Jenn ^__^ thank you so much, Happy Valentine's Day for you and kidlett

Thanks a lot Lia ^__^ Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family ^__^

Bentobird said... a Bentobird, I love this one, Lina!!

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