Sunday, June 3, 2012

(# 224) Saba Shioyaki Bento

Hi everybody!!
I am back :):) :D:D will see if I can bare the last couple weeks of school, I know I have to make at least couple bentos before the school is over.

Anyway, we spent the weekend in Seattle because hubby runs the Survivor Mud Run and it was FUN! will share some pictures at last.
And we stopped by H-Mart on the way back home, so I got some salted mackerel I always craving for ^__^ so that's what we're having for dinner and "as always" I packed some leftovers for bento, here there are :

Saba shiyoyaki layed on top of jasmine rice sprinkled with just a little bit of low sodium soy sauce.
In the other compartments are some fresh apricot, blue berries and baby carrots.
I also put some pink and yellow rose petals made from takuwan and sushi ginger.

Here are some pictures from the survivor mud run :

After the race
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody :)


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