Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot dog & fries plus tofu soup bento

I tried my best to make bento as much as I can, since we are leaving for Indonesia next week for summer vacation. They boys will be leaving school 2 weeks early, so I do not have much chance to do bento, meaning I'll for sure neglect my blog "again" until school started September. But the good part is we will have a great time in Indonesia, just can't wait to take my kids to many places they've never been to.

Anyway, this is a simple bento as always. I used zojirushi thermal box so the soup will still be hot on lunch time. The box contents are, French fries, octopus hotdog, steamed broccoli, grape tomatoes and Anjou pears. As for the soup there are some chicken, carrots, shitake mushroom, celery and fried tofu. My boys love it so much!!


Lia Chen said...

Just so happy to see your bento post and you will have bento break again hehehe :D I'm in the bento break too! Enjoy your summer vacation Lin :)

Just a MOM said...

Thank you so much Lia, I've been neglecting my blog for too long because of the baby and etc ... but now I don't have much time left .. oh well, there's always next time ^_^ enjoy your vacation too Lia dear :)

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