Monday, May 10, 2010

Salami bento

Gosh, it's May already :o)... can't believe summer vacation is about to come very soon, and I have been ignoring my blog  :( I think its a combination between lazy, baby, and too many other distractions. But I always miss making bentos and blogging.

Anyway, I have one simple bento that haven't been posted yet.

It's just all beef salami sandwich on whole wheat bread , fresh cucumber, baby carrots and baby tomatoes. Leftover mac and cheese topped with fresh flowered carrots. Lastly is steamed cauliflower.


Angi said...

Cute box :) Nice to see you!

Lia Chen said...

Hi Lin! How are you? Have been waiting for your bento post and wondering where are you? hehehe ... Nice to see your bento again, mac n cheese yum!!

Just a MOM said...

Angi : thanks a lot ^.^

Lia : I am good thank you :) its just been so crazy since the baby start to crawl and he never let me be in the kitchen for very long ... I kind a miss making bento, all this time I just make the simple ones. Your bentos are amazing, its always inspiring.

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