Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(#168) Fried rice with quail eggs

We had dinner out tonight and I was thinking maybe I can skip tomorrow's bento and make something simple instead. It was a little too late, and too lazy to do anything in the kitchen when your tummy is full. But thanks to hubby who always help the kids before they went to bed.
So I decided to made some simple, quick and easy fried rice with some vegetables. I love fried rice, it's not only that easy to fix but the boys love it too.
I had some quail eggs already dyed with turmeric powder diluted in some warm water. I actually was gonna make bee bento yesterday. But the eggs weren't yellow enough, so I just stored it in the fridge.
Other than that I put some carrot sticks, kiwis and strawberry. Speaking of which I was surprised to see such size of strawberry, I keep looking at the box again and again, trying to make sure if it is really organic, and it is!! never seen big sizes of organic strawberries before until now :P

I always take many pictures to be posted here, because I made two bentos everyday, even though most of the time are identical bento (only different color) but it's always nice to keep them for an archive :P


ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ said...

Hi Lina! What a nice big strawberry! Love the features of the bees in your 2nd bento! Looks so cute with its eyes closed! :D

☺lani☺ said...

Nice! Love it!

Lina Gladman said...

Lyn : Thank you so much, you are always so encouraging ^__^

Lani : Thanks a lot ^_^

ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ said...

You're most welcome Lina :)

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