Monday, January 30, 2012

(#200) Drumsticks bento

We had fried fish for dinner and I separated 4 pieces of drumsticks to be packed for tomorrow's bento. These aren't drumsticks from the leg but it's part of the wings that's why is much smaller and fit and snug in the box perfectly.

Other than chicken drumsticks there are some mashed potatoes topped with a lil dash of garlic and parsley salt and flowered carrots. There are also some carved carrots pea pods and orange slices packed nicely in uno and duo LunchBots boxes.


Lia Chen said...

Pretty bento! My boy always so messy when it comes to drumstick in his bento hehehe ... Love the colorful twist ties for the drumsticks :)

Lina Gladman said...

Liaaaaaaaaa .... thank you so much, and Happy New Year to you and your family ^__^
My oldest son is pretty okay with drumsticks but my second one ... he always the messiest, whatever he eats he always messy ... LOL

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