Monday, April 9, 2012

(#222) Fried rice butterfly bento

I am back from spring break .... 
Up for tomorrow's bento I prepared some nasi goreng ayam (chicken fried rice). Fried rice is always save my day. We went for a quick grocery shopping after 5 this afternoon, so we have a late dinner. Good thing I always have rice ready :P

Anyway, it's kind a boring looking bento, I hope it looks like spring :)
Next to the rice I arranged some pink grapefruit, grapes and steamed broccoli. There are also butterfly cut out from takuwan, some flowers and bee picks just to make it looks spring-y 


Bentobird said...

Looking delicious rather than boring to me...chicken fried rice--what a treat! Happy Wednesday into Thursday, dear!

Lina Gladman said...

Thank you Jenn :):) you're always so kind :):) Happy Wednesday into Thursday to you too dear!

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