Monday, April 30, 2012

Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Hello my bento pals :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend :):)

I do not have any bento to be posted but would love to share this caterpillar cake I made for my youngest son's 3rd Birthday yesterday.

I only bake once in a while for my family, and decorating cake isn't really my favorite thing to do :P but I had so much fun on Saturday baking and decorating this caterpillar cake.

I got the idea from the internet, and I know my family love chiffon cake so much, so I was thinking on baking 2 pieces of chiffon cake and decorated into a caterpillar. It was a HUGE hit! the boys were so excited. A good friend of mine gave me quite a complement, that I out did myself on the cake!!

The texture of chiffon cake is like an angel cake, very light, soft and spongy, so even though this looks enormous, but for the whole caterpillar cake (frosting not included) only used 300 grams of flour, 300 grams of sugar, 200 ml vegetable oil, 12 eggs, and 1 can of coconut milk. I'll share the recipe and baking technique on my other cooking blog soon.

So here are some pictures, but keep in mind that I am NOT a cake decorator :P

First cut the cake into 2 pieces, and lay them to form a caterpillar like shown on the pictures above. Using sharp knife shape one edge and make it round for the head, cut another edge and make it sharp for the tail.
I baked 2 flavors of chiffon cake, one is the ultimate pandan flavor and another one is strawberry.

I used M&M, mini oreo cookies for the eyes and feet, some twisted candy for the antenna and feet, and some chocolate flakes for some dirt.
I was out of red food coloring, so I used plain butter cream frosting and sprinkled it with red sugar sprinkle for the caterpillar's head.

Here are some more pictures :

Okay, I  hope this would make up for my absence on making bento :P
Happy Monday everyone :):)


Cooking Gallery said...

Wow, the cake looks fabulous....!! I have given up making cakes myself because I am just not good at baking, but I quite like decorating cake though ;).

Lina Gladman said...

Cooking Gallery : Thank you so much.
I only bake once in a while :)
I actually enjoy the decorating part but hate cleaning all the mess, greasy tools & gadgets etc .. LOL

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