Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(# 260) Fried rice with meatballs bunny bento

Up for tomorrow's bento I prepared some fried rice with Indonesian meatballs (home-made), this is actually leftovers from dinner's tonight :)

I topped the rice with bunny carrot, using nori for facial details.
Next to the rice I arranged some English cucumbers, steamed romanesco and Granny smith apples slices with some pomegranate seeds.

I also packed some plain yogurt with honey on the bottom and pomegranate on top, for snack time :)


Bentobird said...

Adorable and tasty-looking, Lina! There's a bunny theme afoot in bentoland today, I just may need to hop along with it :))

Lina Gladman said...

Thanks Jenn .... and thank you for the info too ... my bento is way too simple ... but I'll try to hop along ..: )

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