Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(# 259) Chicken Potstickers Snowflakes Bento

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all had a great holidays!
Yesterday we had a little tease of snows, big flakes and last quite sometimes but they melted right away,  what a tease for we haven't got any snow this winter.
This is my first bento this year, but I wasn't pay attention when I edited the pictures so it still has 2012 on the watermark ... and I am too lazy to fix it, I am now having Garfield eyes and just can't stay on the computer for too long.

Today's bento featuring some chicken potstickers and Vietnamese rolls with some snowflakes decorations, big boy loves it! but B isn't too crazy about the Vietnamese rolls, anyway here are the pictures :

I made the snowflakes using snowflakes cookie cutters I got from amazon, originally designed for fondant cake decoration, but hey it works for bento too, matter of fact I am using tortilla for the snows, because I am out of white cheese, came out perfect! and I am happy.
Along with potstickers there are also some romanesco, I was so excited when I spotted this at my local grocery store, grabbed 2 heads and pay almost 7 dollars ... I think it's overpriced but no surprised at all for this is such a rare items. I should try to grow some for next summer.

Inside the Vietnamese rolls are some cilantro, julienne carrots and jicama, thin sliced cucumbers, egg omelet, and rice noodles. I omitted the mint and thai basil because my boys do not like it, they are fine with cilantro though.
Happy Wednesday everyone!!


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