Thursday, December 13, 2012

(# 258) Rice snow flake bento

Tomorrow's bento featuring rice snow flake ... it's not snowing here yet this winter, but I am sure hoping to get some soon. The boys too can't wait to play snow balls outside, making snow man and having cup of hot chocolate afterwards, no school days .. and just snuggle watching movies with brothers while mommy baking some goodies ... ah the joy of winter.

I used snow flake cookie cutter to shape the rice, then I arranged some scramble egg around it, but I am a bit disappointing with the egg colors, they are somewhat a bit pale so the snow flake isn't too clear.
I used store bought eggs while my chicken are slowing down laying eggs.

Anyway, next to it are some stir fry tofu with sweet peppers, purple and regular carrot and grape tomato. Fruit and snack are packed separately.

Oh by the way, I was wrong when I said tomorrow would be my kids last day of school before winter holiday, turned out they still having school until next Wednesday the 19th, but they'll have ski lessons on Monday so I'll only have 2 more days to pack my boys bento this year.


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