Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to schooll

Yesterday morning I got up early and for some reasons my mind kept telling me that the school is started on Monday December 1st. So I had the boys ready and drove them to school but when we arrived at school there’s nobody there! So I went back home then checked the calendar and realized that yesterday was November 30 (Thanksgiving break is November 25-30). I felt like a dummy and had a “wanna get away” moment for a while and just laugh at myself  :D The boys were dissapointed though because monday is the library day, meaning they will miss going to the library this week.

Anyway, for today’s bento I packed the boys some Indonesian beef croquettes that I made with them
yesterday (to cheer them up). The rests are fresh cucumber, sweet baby Roma tomato, flowered carrots, half of star shaped hardboiled egg with some carrots face. I also included some fresh Fuji apples, pineapples and pretzel.


Angi said...

Good to know I'm not the only one! I tend to goof up the non-uniform days! Can't help but laugh!

I love those panda picks... I want them!!!! :)

Just a MOM said...

Thanks Angi ... I think I need a better calendar LOL
That panda picks I got from ebay, the seller is JstuffSale I love this ebay store because the service is great, sometimes she give me extra free bento stuff too ^.^

Lia Chen said...

You must be too excited to get the kids to school again after holiday hehehe ... I spot happy star shapes boiled egg there on your bento, nice to see your posting :o)

Just a MOM said...

Lia : Or I maybe had too much already only having them at home for less than a week :P Thank you so much for your nice comment, I have to learn more from you ^.^

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