Saturday, December 19, 2009


I finally managed to make snowman bento this week, after dealing with this and that plus my laziness :D
Let’s see what happened this week : I have kept the boys at home for 2 days due to the snow and icy weather condition. And for the next couple of days I just wasn’t into that bento making mood. I honestly didn’t even plan to make any bento until next year :D
But I am so glad I did it because this is gonna be my last bento for this year, since the boys will be on winter break up till January 3rd. So here they are my simple snowman bentos :

For D I made a snowman from rice, I used black sesame seeds for the mouth, as for the hat, buttons, and face I used fresh cucumber and carrots. The rest are chicken curry with carrots and eggs, and some fresh lettuce.

And for B, since he doesn't really like curry I packed him peanut butter and honey sandwich, I used whole grain white bread but on the picture the snowman did not come out as white as I thought would be. I dressed the snowman with only carrots and cucumber. The rest are some fresh flowered carrots and cucumber and hardboiled egg. I also packed them in a separated container some fresh fruits and pretzel for a snack time (not pictured).

I would have a long break from making bento till next year, so seasons greetings everyone and have a very happy holidays ^.^


Lia Chen said...

Cutie snowman ... will you have white Christmas there? The kids already on their Christmas break I supposed?

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