Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday's bento

Guess what? turned out I am not the only one who came on Monday morning :D there at least 2 other moms came too. And when we found out we just could not help to laugh at our absent minds LOL.
Anyway, this morning I packed the boys some simple sandwiches *again* ^o^, ..... I know after a while it always returning back to the same O same O menu. In fact I am having a hard time giving the title for this post. I guess in the future I’ll start to use numbers instead.

It’s been a while I am not packing D his favorite tuna sandwich, to tell the truth I am a little scared about the mercury thingy issues even though most of the time I choose to pick some wild canned tuna at the organic section. But I guess being a mother you just could not help to worry about anything when it comes to your children.

Alright, as you can see from the pictures I used whole wheat bread for the sandwiches, so the raffle is not really shown as if I use white bread. I also tried to make some flower bowls from hardboiled eggs, but my fruit baller is no where to be found, so I ended up using a measurement spoon that has a round shaped closed enough to the baller. I know the result is not as perfect as the one that Lia Chen’s made. But I’ll keep on practicing ^.~

I put tuna filling on the egg bowl for D, there are also some smocked roasted chicken breast that I meant to make it looks like a flower like but the slices were too thin so it didn't came out as I thougt it would. The rests are some fresh celery stalks, carrot sticks, baby Roma tomato and some light ranch packed in the separate mini sauce containers.
As for B, since he's not as crazy as D on tuna so I prepared aome peanut butter sandwich instead. I also put some sweet corns in the egg bowl, and teriyaki meatball. The rests are just the same with the one I made for D.


Lia Chen said...

Aha ... nice pretty bento! Your egg is perfect lah ... You put some bento accessories, I love them :o)

Just a MOM said...

Thanks for your kind words Lia :):) I need more practice :)

vincent said...


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Just a MOM said...

Hi Vincent,

Thank you so much for the invitation ^.^ I feel so honored and am gladly to add my blog to

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