Sunday, March 11, 2012

(#214) Chicken Dumpling Bento

I made two identical bento for tomorrow's lunch box, but not sure if my 2nd son will be able to go to school :( he's complaining that he had a bad headache this afternoon, kind a make me worry and he did not look too good :( will see tomorrow morning.

As for the bento, I prepared some chicken dumpling along with that are some mini sweet bell pepper, steamed broccoli, carrot, cucumber, and kumquat. I also made some veggie rolled inside a thin slice of beef, I marinated with some Korean BBQ sauce, we actually had that for early dinner today :) was very delish :P
In a separated little bowl are some mango cubes.

Here's another pic :

I think this would be the only post for this week since there will be an early release days until Friday ^__^


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