Wednesday, March 21, 2012

(#219) Rice and meatballs sheep bento

Yesterday after school both Dylan and Braden were so excited and told me about their exciting experience they had at school. There's shearing sheep show in front of lower and upper elementary students, as you can see in the picture below (I borrowed this pic from PMMS's FB :P) :

With that, I came up with this idea for tomorrow's bento, with the help from yum-yum bento book :

Inside the box are actually some leftovers from yesterday's dinner. I made a lot of chicken and tofu meatballs in purpose, (I am planning make some nasi goreng in the next couple of days).
Anyway, I use little silicone cup to help hold the rice, I put the meatball in the center and use nori, carrot and cheese for facial details and etc.
Next to the sheep are some cauliflowers, carrots, more meatballs and cucumbers. Fruit is packed separately in another box, there are cara-cara orange and kiwi.

Here's the close up :

Here are another pictures :


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