Thursday, March 22, 2012

(#220) Beef Bulgogi Kimbap

I made some beef bulgogi kimbap for tomorrow's lunch, but my family requested to have some for dinner too, so I made a lot more. They love it so much they don't seems to mind having it for dinner :P
Hey there's nothing wrong having kimbap for dinner right?! but my mind always think otherwise, it's like having sandwich for dinner you know ....but anyway as long as they are happy ^__^

So I did not packed too much food since there will be a soupy Friday tomorrow, and I am making some Indonesian chicken soup, so I know my boys must have some.
Along with the beef bulgogi there are also some carrot, takuan, and cucumber in the kimbap. This is actually my very first attempt making kimbap, not bad huh? no more buying kimbap from the store, it's surprisingly easy to make ....where have I been all this time??
Along with the kimbap are some cara-cara orange, cucumber, mini sweet pepper and flowered takuan.

Have a blessing Friday y'all and I hope you will enjoy your weekend ^__^


sheri fujihara chen said...

Lina, I love your kimbap; it's beautiful! And I love your gorgeous wooden box. So classic and timeless.

Uie Susilo said...

Mbak lina, I wish i had the bento skill like you. What a nice color combination! Love it!

Lina Gladman said...

Hi Sheri,
Thank you so much for your kind comment, it means a lot ^__^

Bentobird said...

The vibrance and elegance of these bentos have me going ahhhhhh! and, wow!!

Lina Gladman said...

Aku jg masih belajar koq .... yuk belajar sama2, makasih banyak ya :):):)

Lina Gladman said...

Hi Jenn,

Thank you so much for your nice comment. You're always very kind and encouraging ^__^ enjoy your weekend!

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