Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(#218) Chicken & Tofu Meatballs soup

Today at dinner table I did not say anything to hubby about what's on the menu. I only said to the boys that we're having chicken meatballs soup.
Hubby ate the soup and he said it's so yummy, he loves it!!
And then I asked him "do you know what the meatballs are made of?", then he looked at me and say "you better tell me!"
I was giggling and couldn't help to laugh, and I told him that it's made of TOFU and chicken!!! he rolled his eyes and laughing!! GOTCHA!!

I tricked him!! he does not like tofu AT ALL!!! did I said it out loud??
Had I told him before he ate his dinner about the tofu I swear he wouldn't eat it. Now I know the trick, just let him taste and eat it, he would not have any idea ..LOL
I hope he changes his mind and learned a lessons that tofu can be so delicious, it's all depend on who prepare it!

Anyway, tomorrow's bento contains some leftovers from dinner, it's so effortless and probably the easiest and quickest bento I've prepared.

I put the soup inside a thermal box, the size is pretty big and hold a lot of soup. The soup contains some chicken and tofu meatballs, cauliflower and carrots.
I also packed some veggie fritters (sweet corn, carrots and celery).

 Fruits are packed separately, not pictured


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