Sunday, October 14, 2012

(# 241) Chili skull bento

Falls is finally here, after 2.5 months summer vacay in Indonesia and we returned here to a summer like weather still, it feels like we had the longest summer ever!
Until towards the end of last week there's some some significant change, I honestly miss the winds and rains ... call me crazy but I love to just bundling with my kids, watching movies, and have chili simmering on the stove and maybe baking some cookies .. aahh I love falls!!

Continuing with Halloween theme, I prepared a chili with a skull made of rice.
If any of you wonder how I mold it (some of you must know that I am not as good as other bentoist in molding rice with bare hands :P) I mode the rice using a skull mold that I made out of the skull decoration I purchased at michaels for under 2 bucks, there are like 6 pcs in a package, so I cut on piece and keep the rest for what its purpose. The plastic is pretty thin, so using scissors would do the job. I then washed it trough, stuffed the rice inside and release it with no problem, put some nori cut out for its eyes, and that's it! So here's the picture :

I hope it's spooky enough for my kids :)


Lyndsey Chapin said...

I love it! So cool..I was going to say cute!!

Lina Gladman said...

Hi Lyndsey, thank you so much :)

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