Tuesday, October 30, 2012

(# 247) Rice with sweet minced beef BAT bento

Wrapping up Halloween theme bento I prepared this yummy rice with sweet minced stir fry beef. I know many of you must have known already on how do I make the bat shape in the middle of the rice, but for new visitors to my blog I'll let you know how.
First, you place a bat shape cutter in the center of the bento box, put some rice on the outer side and pat it gently  to make sure the rice would stay in form. Then spoon the beef in the center part, gently release the cutter and ta daaa!! that's it!
I use red bell pepper for the eyes and 2 rice grains for its fangs, I also put some peas on top of the rice just to add some colors.

On the next part of the box are some fresh kiwi slices and halved satsuma O'Lantern with red bell pepper for facial details.

Happy Halloween!!! I hope you are all have a very Spooktacular one ^__^


Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Super spooky! that pumpkin is very scary!

Lina Gladman said...

Thank you so much Jenn ... happy Halloween to you and Kidlet XX

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