Wednesday, October 31, 2012

(# 248) Fried rice with tofu and fish sausage

Hallowen is over and now we're back to regular bento, hope I won't bore you with my simple bento.

It's been a while since I last packed some fried rice for the boys, this simple dish is always safe my day during the busy times. And YES! today I was so busy trying to get everything done before I pick the boys from school. We had an early dinner, packed some leftovers for lunch then take a quick pictures before heading for trick or treating.
I honestly am not happy with the result of the pictures I took .. but I am still post it anyway :P

I threw in some some fish cake, eggs, and peas & carrots in the fried rice, so it's already contain some protein and veggies. I topped the rice with some flowered carrot and picks to make it more fun.
In the next compartment I put some pan fried tofu in a lettuce bed. There're also some fish sausage in a flower skewer.

Recently I purchased some lights to help me making a good pictures at night, and I am not quite get it yet, so these pictures looks too bright, I need to learn more and I am excited!

Have a great evening everyone!


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