Tuesday, October 16, 2012

(# 243) Cream cheese open face sandwich eyeballs and alien bento

I made two identical bento for tomorrow's. My 2nd son B requested me to pack him bagels and cream cheese the other day, he loooooves bagels and cream cheese so much, and it's too bad I somewhat forgot to put it on my grocery shopping list last weekend,(bad me!!) I don't like to go back to the store just to get one thing, I always come back with a whole bunch of stuff I don't even need.

So what I did is I cut multi-grains bread with doughnut cutter and make it an open face eyeballs sandwich, I spread a little honey in between to make it stick together, smeared some cream cheese on the top part and using tooth pick I made an eyeballs pattern with strawberry syrup, I stuffed black olive in the middle part, I hope it looks like an eyeballs .. LOL ...

There's also hard boiled egg alien, facial details as always are made out of nori cut. Next to it are Mandarin orange, fresh carrot and mini sweet pepper. Enjoy!


Bentobird said...

Creepy-kawaii, love it! I need to try to make a Halloween inspired bento like this soon :)

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