Thursday, November 1, 2012

(# 249) Bagels with egg bunny bento

Tomorrow's bento featuring whole wheat bagels with cream cheese and hard boiled egg bunny plus some red bell peppers.
I was too lazy to cook this evening so we went out having Pho for dinner, as a result I pack a non cook bento, I already have some boiled eggs handy.

Nothing's fancy in this bento, but I tried to make it more fun for the boys, so I turned the egg into a bunny (I hope it looks like one :P) my youngest son just said it looks like a mouse to him ... and he's 3 BTW!

I love this thermal stainless steel bento box I just got a couple months ago, just the right size for my boys.
I purchased similar ones long time ago but I wasn't really pay attention on the sizes, so once I received it I  was a bit disappointed because they were way to big. But I am sure I will be able to use it one day. I love  collecting bento boxes anyway :P

Have a great weekend everybody ^__^


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