Sunday, November 4, 2012

(# 250) Open face salmon sandwich bento

The other day when we had Vietnamese Pho for dinner I stopped by the Euro market nearby, and bought this organic dark rye bread with caraway seeds, and I looove its flavor, I honestly did not expect it to be that good but it goes really well with salmon gravlax.
I made gravlax some time ago after I bought local wild salmon from my neighbor who always going fishing when salmon is on season. It turned out really well and I am so pleased with the result.

I use low fat cream cheese for this open face sandwich.
For fillers I put some mini Roma tomatoes and peeled satsuma orange. Snack are packed separately (not pictured).

I only make 1 bento picture since my 2nd son isn't too crazy about salmon, so I fixed him whole wheat bagels with cream cheese, and I thought I just posted WW bagels bento last week.


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