Tuesday, November 27, 2012

(# 252) Steamed bun bento

This is my first bento after Thanksgiving :P I think everybody understand who wants to cook after Thanksgiving ... :P
I was so lazy and tried to finished our Turkey leftovers, we had lots of turkey sandwiches lunches, turkey fried rice, turkey this and turkey that ... UGH!

But today I forced my self to make steamed bun, please check the recipe HERE, you can stuffed with any meat you wish. This time I used beef, because that's what I have thawed, normally we love chicken, but beef isn't too bad, my family love it!

There are some sugar snaps next to steamed buns, red Texas grapefruit, and mini heirloom tomatoes, I tried to make it cute by adding nori facial details and leave stems.

I hope you can spot the bunny face in the mini heirloom tomatoes in this bento. My kids think they are cute ^__^


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