Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(#174) Rice with Salmon Teriyaki

Another quick post for tomorrow's bento :)

The other day I purchased a big wild salmon from someone in the neighborhood. And my oldest son loves it so super much that he wants to have some for lunch. Will buy again when he has more!
My 2nd son however is not too crazy about it, so I only took one bento picture. I packed him some honey and banana sandwich and the rest are the same.

First tier contains rice sprinkled with furikake and salmon teriyaki I put slice of lemons to add colors.
Second tier contains some fresh grapes, dried apricots, mixed heirloom tomatoes (my boy's favorite) and cucumbers.

Have a great Tuesday y'all ^__^


tatabonita (y-rahmasari) said...

The teriyaki salmon sounds so yummy... Tp disindang salmon mahal neud teteeehhh T_T

Lina Gladman said...

Tataaaaa .. disini jg keitung mahal koq, padahal deket sm sumbernya teteB aja mahal.

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