Monday, October 3, 2011

(#181) Bagels and cream cheese

I don't really feel like spending too much time in the kitchen this evening, so for tomorrow's bento I packed the same menu as yesterday. Tuna sandwich for big son and bagels with cream cheese for B.
I did not even bother to take any pictures of the tuna sandwich bento, I actually did not plan to post anything this evening. I guess I am having one of those "do not want to do anything" days ... LOL

However, when I was done preparing bagels with cream cheese for B, I was so lost and do not know what box to be used. I keep digging up my bento boxes collection and found none that is big enough to hold 3 pieces of mini bagels. YES y'all heard it right! 3 pieces!!! He specifically requested me to pack him 3 pieces. Yesterday I was reluctantly packed him 2 pieces, I thought he wont eat em all. I know he loves bagels so much!!

Anyway back to the bento boxes, I then realized I've been having this boxes for a long time (I bought 2 sets), but never had a chance to use it. When I first got it I thought it was way too big.
And I said okay ... I finally got to use this box, and that's why I decided to take some pictures even though it's nothing special inside. I thought it's always good to share it with some of you who might own this kind of box and never got to use it!.
I asked B to practice opening and closing the box so tomorrow he can do it with no problems.

So I put the bagels on the lower bowl.
On the top compartment I arranged some dried apricots, cucumbers, mandarin orange, mixed heirloom tomatoes, and apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon.

What's cool about this box is everything can be packed in one box, no need to pack extra snack box and no lunch bag is necessary. And lets be honest about its design ... so sleek and cool!! don't you think?
I think B is gonna love it!!

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