Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(#190) Mm ..Mm..Mm.. Mummyyyy bento

I had dental appointment today and feel so numb afterwards but then once the numbness disappears the pain starts to kick in. Definitely do not feel like to spend so much time in the kitchen.
Good thing I already prepared a mini pizza earlier during the day. My kids love pizza so much they would eat it cold too ..LOL

I tried to arrange the cheese so it would look like a mummy, well it does until I quick broil it then the cheese starts to melt and I am not sure if it even looks like mummy anymore ...

Next to the pizza mummy are some plums along with steamed broccoli, carrot, and grape tomato in a black musical food picks.
Here's the close up look of the mummy face :

And as always I make 2 identical bentos, here are the pictures :

I have 3 more chances to make Halloween bento until Monday.... I hope I can keep up with the theme ..


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