Thursday, October 20, 2011

(#187) Grilled salmon Jack O'Lantern Bento

Another quick post to warp up the week, I prepared a very simple Halloween bento for the boys. 
We had some grill salted salmon for dinner, unlike big son D who really love salmon, B wasn't too crazy about it, mater of fact he hates it :( but tonight he ate some. Hope tomorrow he'll eat his bento.

Inside the box are some slightly salted grill salmon, rice mixed with grated carrot Jack O'Lantern, cucumbers, carrots, stir fry chayote squash packed in a star silicone cup, and checkered apple.

Hope I can make more Halloween bento next week ^__^ have a great weekend everyone!!


Journal Mommy Yenny said... remind me to make halloween bento theme soon...
Nice one, Lin :)

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