Tuesday, October 4, 2011

(#182) Tortilla rolls with humus and veggies

Tomorrow's bento features some spinach and garden tortilla filled with humus, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. I hope my boys will eat it!

There are also some orange slices, yellow carrots, mixed heirloom tomatoes and dried apricots.

I also put a jack-o-lantern made out of carrot and Halloween pics just for fun. 


Ꮮуռ (ᶬˠ ᶩᶤᵗᵗᶥᵋ ᵐᵋˢˢᵞ ᴻ ᶜʱᵋᵋᵏᵞ) said...

Cute little jack-o-lantern you carved! I love that cute black cat too! You made that food pick?
Hope you've a wonderful weekend!

Lina Gladman said...

Hi Lyn!! how do you like your new home?? hope you enjoy everything ^__^ Thanks for your kind comments, No I did not make the picks .. I got it from a local craft store ^__^ have a great weekend!

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