Sunday, October 16, 2011

(#185) Stir fry rice noodle stars bento

Yesterday evening we were attending a barn dance hosted by school, it was my first time attending such thing and I am tellin ya I'd definitely come again if there's one coming up in the future :P it was hella FUN.
D&B's performance were phenomenal ^__^ too bad there was lack of lights so the pictures did not came out good. And we had to leave early since lil G was so fussy and ready for nite nite.

On the way home we saw the most beautiful moon I've ever seen, it wasn't full or anything but amazingly close, it was like in front of you!!! and the stars oh my gosh!! so beautiful!!! all the time we were like starring at the sky till we got home. What a night!!

So today I prepared a full of twinkling stars bento for big son. I only made one bento since B requested to bring some leftovers spaghetti dinner, so I packed him spaghetti in a thermal bento and did not take any picture.

Inside the box are fried rice noodle with vegetables.
Next to it are sweet corn topped with carrot and cucumber star in the middle which I find out to be a bad choice, the cucumber part is so pale and did not turned out good on the picture :(
There are also some cucumbers, carrots, and honey smoked turkey and sliced of kiwi in a star silicone cup.
Everything fit in lunchbots duo!!


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