Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthday Bento

Today is D’s 7th Birthday, so I have to make special bento. And this is the best I can come up with ^.^

I made PB&J for Brayden and Almond butter and Jelly sandwich for Dylan. Good thing I still have some red and yellow bell pepper in the fridge, so I use them to make some balloons decoration, I added cucumber with the skin side up for the green one.

I use alphabet pasta for the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, angel hair pasta for the balloon strings, and stars pasta just for decoration. I added a little drop of food coloring into the pasta when I boiled it. Turned out okay I think. This is the very first time I am using some food coloring for the bento and I am a bit scared to be honest, can’t wait to see if he would eat it or not. The rest are steamed broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and sliced cucumber.

I also joint the birthday ceremony at D's school at the last hour before the class dismissed. I brought some TUMPENG (traditional yellow rice that shaped like a big cone). I’ll post pictures later on, now I have to go back to the kitchen :D


Lia Chen said...

Happy Belated Birthday for Dylan ... Wish him all the best and God bless him. Cute birthday bento Lin ... (^.^)

javapot said...

hi, love the balloon bento. Happy Belated Bday Dylan.

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