Monday, November 9, 2009

Tri-colore macaroni

I actually did not plan to pack spaghetti for lunch because I still have some leftover yellow rice from the party, but the boys seems to have enough of it and they wanted some spaghetti. And here's the picture of yellow rice I brought to D's school :

Okay, back to the bento, I packed this tri-colore macaroni with spaghetti sauce packed separately. I thought it would be easier to eat and less mess and plus I love the colors too  >.<

On the next bowl its only steamed broccoli, some leftover fruit salads plus apples, grape tomato, carrots, and ½ of hard-boiled egg.

Have a great day everyone!


Lia Chen said...

That nasi tumpeng definitely looks yumm ... and great idea on 3-colore macaroni, sure mom's heart is put into that bento (^.^)

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